Kill It Or Keep It

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im currently 7wks. i told my BF at first he was like o.k. and he was happy about having a baby. but now hes like i dont want to have anything to do with it and told me to get an abortion.I am against abortions and so was he until just now. but if i keep it i know for sure i will have no one but myself,friends and family. but if i have an abortion it will go against all my morals. but the way its looking now i'm not sure if i'm totally against it. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL


Tanja - May 15

You are lucky and have friends and family to help you don't listen to your boyfriend he sounds like an a__s. when the baby's born get him to give up his parental rights and get full custody. And then have a wonderfull life watching your son or daughter grow up. Stick to what you believe in.


BL - May 15

Pleased do not kill it. He or she could grow up and be someone special. Some men are such creeps. He will regret one day not having his child by his side.


Rachel - May 15

why put "kill it or keep it" in the subject - I think that's inappropriate. Just write something like should I get an abortion. Obviously it is up to you - people on a forum who don't even know you, aren't really going to sway you. It sounds like you're against abortion, so have the baby!


confused - May 15

rachel i asked for feedback not for u to question what i put as the subject. whats the difference between should i kill it or should i get an abortion. NOTHING. its saying the same thing just different wording. and if you werent going to give some type of feedback that wouldve been helpful then you shouldnt have responded at all.


nelly - May 15

you have your friends and your family to be there for you and if your bf leaves you for keeping it so be it he would probably leave you if you had an abortion. could you imagine killing that baby for him and then you two spliting up and you did it for no reason. its not that baby's falt it was brought into the world. just think about watching that precious little life be born and grow its wonderful.


rachel - May 15

feedback is feedback. I said if you're against abortion then have the baby. that's feedback, right?


lovely bee - May 15

have you thought of adoption? there is nothing wrong with it and you would give the child a life you know s/he deserves, you can have an open adoption where you can maintain contact with the child throughout the years, adoption should only be a last resort and only if you can live with the decision, and if you keep the child, i can't imagine how s/he will feel knowing that their father may not want anything to do with them.


to confused - May 15

if you think you are killing it by having an abortion(which is the way i look at abortion too)then please dont do it,if your bf isnt there for you so what? who says he'll stick around anyway with or without the will regret it for the rest of your life,can you and do you want to live with that? dont take your babys life,give it a chance.


to Confused - May 15

By the way you answered Rachel's post, you do not deserve us being concerned about you. Grow up and take your meaninless problems somewhere else. Who cares if you abort or not, nice people on this site are trying to conceive for years, you want them to give you unbiased advise? Get a life (or get rid of one, you choose).


t - May 15

Don't ever do something that is against what you believe just to keep someone in your life. If he is asking you to do this knowing how you feel about it, then he is not worth wasting your time on. There are plenty more fish in the sea, ones worthy of being with you, and there is not the same stigma against single moms that there used to be. I know a few women who had abortions to keep men happy, none of those men are still in their lives, and 2 are having trouble conceiving because of permanent damage caused by the abortion they had. If you decide to abort, please (I can't emphasize it enough!!!) make sure it is because you want to, not to please your boyfriend, YOU are the one who will feel the loss for years to come if you do this for him. To those who seem to have nothing nice to say, why did you bother replying at all? If you don't like what you read, don't read it. This is a forum where people can come to ask for help and advice during stressful times, regardless of whether you think their problem is meaningless or not,particularly you, "To Confused". I don't know why you bothered, sounds like you are just a spiteful cow, and you are the one who needs to grow up!


?? - May 15

woman can raise a child on her own.. he sounds like a very selfish jerk!!!!!!!! what do you want????


April - May 15

who else do you need but yourself, friends, and family?? You don't need some deadbeat that wants to kill his child.. that's for sure!! KEEP IT... especially since it goes against your own morals!


Kaz - May 16

I fully agree with April, who else could you possibly need. Preggy or not, who wants support from someone who can't stick to a decision? I hope you have a lovely healthy baby. Remember, our morals are huge part of the person we are!!!!! They control how we behave and the choices we make. Do not turn your back on them, that is how resentment and regrets begin.


to confused - May 16

I think that your reactions to some of the statement have been really rude. What do you expect when you ask questions?


Jessie - May 16

I have one word for you, ADOPTION. Abortion should be out of the question how could you even consider it.


jen - May 16

As a mother of a beautiful 3 year old, I could tell you that hardest thing is being a single and I mean single mom! A baby is a beautiful gift if you are mentally and financially ready and I mean READY! Then go for it, if not then you need to sit down and really think about the ups and downs of this situation. A guy is not going to stay with you just because you have a baby together, especially not if he's saying it this early on. There's nothing better than raising a baby as part of a family not as a mistake!



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