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sam - June 22

is there any possibility of pragnancy if i kiss on lips


:0/ - June 22

Not if that is all you did.


Vanessa - June 22

Do you have nothing else better to do? You posted this on the "First Trimester" board aswell. You are either 5 years old or a very sad young person with nothing to do


sam - June 22

I just kiss on her lips and nothing else and i m 26 years old


Nichole - June 22

Hun if you just kissed her on the lips and nothing else and she tries to tell you that she is pregnant with your baby I would seriously consider getting a blood test performed after the baby is born to prove her wrong b/c it is impossible to impregnate someone by just kissing on the lips......there is alot of helpful information out there at the library, bookstores, and internet about s_x...I would suggest doing some research and not kiss that kind of girl anymore-lol


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 22

While I often read these ridiculous posts and roll my eyes, I think we should all entertain the idea that maybe a mentally challegned person (not just a prankster) may be the one behind a genuine question. And no, a kiss on the lips CAN NOT be the cause of a pregnancy. :o)


jflsadkfj; - June 22

What, one thread wasn't enough? And please don't tell me you're as dense as that. Are you Winona in Mermaids? Come on. Even if this person WAS mentally handicapped, they should have SOME knowledge of s_x by their age. Sheesh.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 22

To "jflsadkfj": I was just playing devils advocate. And for the record, even at the age of 26, there are many mentally challenged people completely unaware of s_x and baby making. Although, I do have to admit, they also wouldn't be likely to manuever around on the internet either. Oh well, I tried to see it in a different light. :o)


JLorenzo - June 22

Good point Tiffani. Now I feel bad for my sarcastic comments on his other really put a damper on my day!


To Tiffany - June 22

I wasn't getting at you with my mental comment, sorry. I too was playing DA. Hee hee. It's just so ridiculous that people come on here to do nothing other than waste others' time. To those posting these ridiculous questions: Only LEGITIMATE questions should be asked people. This is not a forum for jokes.


Nichole - June 22

You know what I was kinda thinkn-that this person was not at all the age they claimed to be-26 but perhaps like 13 :0 so I was trying to be somewhat helpful~


Mary - June 22

This may be a troll, I would just ignore it.


sam - June 23

Please is there any one who give me the exact answer with out joking i m really confused to read different answer and very much worried for my query. thanks


geraldine - June 23

There is NO way any girl could get pregnant if you kiss them on the lips. sperm needs to be involved, and that only comes from the males p___s.



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