Kitty Litter

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a - July 10

is changing a litter box safe when your pregnant? my mother in law wants me to watch her cat while shes out of town but i heard there are chemicals in kitty litter.


JenniferB - July 10

Toxoplasmosis is a disease that many cats are carriers of. If you have cats you may have all ready built up an immunity to it but you should not change the kitty litter while you are pregnant.


E - July 10

No. There is a disease called toxoplasmosis. Please do a google on this and you will see that you should not be changing litter while pregnant. You might look into a tiny particle mask to act as a filter.


Dani - July 10

I don't think its the cat litter itself that is dangerous, its the feces in the litter you want to avoid. I looked into this too. They said if you HAVE to wear disposable gloves and particle mask and wash hands afterwards.


a - July 10

thanks everyone for your answers. im definately going to have it taken care of by someone else. thanks again


kim - July 10

also, if you do any gardening you need to take precautions there too, just in case you have a neighbourhood cat that likes to use your garden as a litter box!! but i have cats and i would just do what dani said, when i get pregnant.


Lissi - July 11

I was worried about just being around cats when my husband and I went to stay with my MIL. She was really insulted, and kept saying that her cats were clean cats. I heard it's ok to change litter if you wear gloves and wash your hands after touching the cat as well.


Justine - July 11

You are not supposed to change cat litter boxes at all while pregnant - I have a 1 year old cat and my husband does it.


JenniferB - July 11

It is a good reason to get out of a nasty job don't ya think? :0)


Christie - July 11

I have 6 cats, and have been around cats litterally from the day I was born. I do not change litter anymore, but does anyone thing it will hurt the baby by just being around them and letting them sleep with me in my bed?


JenniferB - July 11

Christie, I read that people that all ready have cats usually have an immunity to toxoplasmosis because you have most likely been exposed to it. I would just not change the litter. As long as they are box trained and don't go to the bathroom anywhere else in the house I wouldn't worry. You might want to double check with a doctor though. I am only telling you what I have read. I like dogs :0)


April - July 11

A... don't go near the litter box... that's one of the first things they said to me at my first doctors appt. Even if you're around cats all the time, there must be something in the litter. Christie... I don't think it'll hurt anything for you to be around the cats since you've already been around them for so long... but after your baby's born, do NOT let the baby in the room with cats alone (for instance when the baby sleeps in the crib)... there have been waaaaay too many instances of cats killing babies.



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