Labor Bette Or Worse Than You Expected

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Wibble - April 19

Have you given birth before? Was it better or worse than you expected? I'm terrified of it! I've heard that some women even suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder afterwards because they're experience was so bad. Help!!


manda - April 19

I thought labor was better than what I expected. It was a piece of cake for me. Good luck wibble


Misty - April 19

The main thing I would suggest to you would be to take the course that they give to educatue you about the birthing process. I thought I was prepared for it so I never took the course. Then when it came time to have my son I was very unprepared for what I was going to experience. You just need to do as much as you can to educate yourself about it. Don't go in there unprepared.


Nicola - April 20

During my pregnancy my mums advise was to ignore the horror stories that other people told me and that giving birth was the easiest thing about being a parent. How right she was! I won't lie and say it is easy, my labour was 20 hours long and exhausting but the most rewarding thing that has ever happend to me. Don't concentrate on the process of giving birth but concentrate on the end result and you will be just fine. Good luck x x


rose - April 20

my 1st experiance with it was great....i stayed home as long as i could, i went to the hospital when i was 8 cm dilated, they broke my water i pushed 3 times and she was out! it was painful but nothing i couldnt handle....after that i went around telling pregnant women that it isn't as bad as they say....its nothing you cant handle...etc....well then i had my son.. they induced me and my contractions were strong right away, i was being monitored so all i did was lie in that bed all day suffering... my husbands arm was all scratched up from me clawing him during contractions....they finally came in and told me that i need some medication to take the edge off so my body could relax and finish dilating...i took statol...2 more hours of this and it came time to push, i was so tired and in so much pain that i couldnt push hard enough so they came in with some suction thing and vacuumed him out of me (breaking his collarbone) all i could think about was the poor women i had told that labor wasn't too bad! if i do get pregnant again i am going to opt for an epidural this time.....every labor is different and yours could go either way....just take it one step at a time....good luck


Maleficent - April 20

my frist labor was scarey, mostly becasue i had no idea what was going on. i was induced and they kept plugging things into me and injecting c___p into me without really explaning what it was or why they were doing it. a cla__s REALLY would have helped. i wish i had learned more so i could have refused some of the things they insisted i "needed". with my second we took a cla__s and had a wonderful delivery. i was able to accept or refuse certain procedures. knowing what was going on made me feel safe. with this baby i could probably teach the cla__s, lol.


nhb - April 20

I had an epidural, and it was WAY easier for me than expected . . . I'm already on my way to it again, and my son is only 10 1/2 months--I'm now 10 weeks w/ my second!!


Liz - April 20

Way worse for me because it seems like nobody ever is honest with you until AFTER you have had your baby. My water broke at midnight and my daughter wasn't born until almost 6:30 p.m. the next night. She sure was worth the pain and agony though.


Mindy - April 20

It was actually alot better....i was freaking out about doing things the right way and my doc and friends just helped me not care...the worse part about it was afterwards...3rd degree cut and tears....but when i got to bring my bundle home i didn't care


leslie - April 20

I think its going to be worse than I am expecting!! :(


TX Girrrl - April 20

Labor was the easy part . . . having to say bye-bye to the nurses who waited on me hand and foot in the hospital was the hard part! :)


lily - April 20

Well i was expecting the worst but i had it really good thanks to God my labor was not painful i had a good experience if it was for the giving birth ill have a kid every year, BUT after six months i begun to have post partum depression and it had nothing to do with the labor, and i'm still suffering from anxiety and i'm pregnant again.


nelly - April 20

My first birth to me was not bad at all I had heard all these stories and was terrified, but to me I thought this is no where near as bad as I had thought. However I am due july 25 and have had some problems with this pregnancy so I think this time I want be so lucky with this delivery.


~S~ - April 20

A friend of mine has 2 sons, she just had a her second one the other day. I always talk to her about how scared I am about giving birth and the pain of it...She told me that giving birth or pushing the baby out isn't what's painful, it's getting there that's painful. She said the pushing is actually a relief and feels good to do. Oh well, I'm still scared because this is my first but I'm trying hard to block out everyones horror stories.


~S~ - April 20

"Labor was the easy part . . . having to say bye-bye to the nurses who waited on me hand and foot in the hospital was the hard part! :)" HAHAHA!!! I could probably agree with that! =o)



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