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KLT - June 14

Are any of you experiencing a lack of s_x drive?? I heard about this fantastic s_x boom I was supposed to get.....but nope...nada.. I have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever. And then after the baby is born, i'm sure i'll have time or interest... boooo...


Jennifer28 - June 14

How far along are you? I always had a great s_x drive - b4 I got pg. 1st trimester I couldn't have cared less if I never had s_x again... Now I can't get enough of dh and I'm only 2 wks into the 2nd trimester. ;)


KLT - June 14

I've just hit my 5th like 22 weeks. I feel like my drive is declining more and more and can't even psych myself into wanting to do it or even simply wanting to be touched or held. This makes me feel really bad b/c I feel like i'm pushing my husband aside and I really don't want to be like that. I feel bad for him as he's so patient with me!!


JESS1980 - June 14

KLT: I am 31 weeks, and I have had NO interest in s_x since I first became pregnant. My husband and I have had s_x throughout the pregnancy, but not on a regular basis. Of course, he is a very patient s_x hasn't been an issue. But here's a helpful tip...try going out for a romantic evening and see what happens! Last week my dh and I planned a "date night." We got dressed up, went to a nice restaurant, flirted with each other....and when we got home things definitely got hot! (sorry if TMI)


Patti - June 14

This is my 4th pregnancy and w/ all 4 I lose my s_x drive completely. The first 3 pregnancies I lost it at about 6 weeks and didn't get back until about 6 -8 weeks after birth. I wish I were one of the ones who get it back in the second trimester, but nada.


KLT - June 14

I feel like even if we go out on a "date" I won't get it back...its just dead in me. Mentally I don't want to be like this and you'd think I could psych myself into wanting to..but I can't. It won't hurt to go out on a date or do something fun for a night though...certainly worth a shot!! I HATE feeling like this!!! Patti, how did your partner feel about this? Mine is patient but I know its so frustrating for him which is frustrating for me! What can I do?


Patti - June 14

KLT, I tend to feel guilty and give it even when I don't want to. I probably shouldn't, but I do it for him. He doesn't push it at all and is supportive, but I know it can be trying for a man. Sometimes I just don't want to turn him down again and pretend to be okay with it. He does know not to try to do anything for me because it ain't gonna happen for me. BTW, because intercourse can be uncomfortable I tend to do other things to/for him and he doesn't seem to mind. I hate feeling this way, but cannot help it. There's comfort in knowing that it won't always be this way and I will get my libido back. Hang in there!


KLT - June 15

I did the same at the beginning, but now I can't even bring myself to do it just for his sake...or even do anything besides s_x to help him along. I could honestly stare at the TV thru the whole thing and be more interested in whats going on on the set instead. He is very understanding and patient with me, but I still can't help feeling bad. I feel like men will never know what its like..and well, they won't! But I of course have no clue what its like to be in their shoes..especially when dealing with a pregnant woman. I know they've got it hard sometimes dealing with us, but just for one day i'd like for the men to be in our shoes...pregnant, have a period or something. When pigs fly I guess.


KLT - June 15

BTW Patti, I did mention going on a date with him last nite and he's all for it... so we'll see!! : )


Patti - June 15

We could use a date too. I'm just not in the mood for much of anything but peace. I have a 4 yr. old and 2.5 yr. old (girls) that exhaust me during the day. I think a date sounds really sweet. It's nice to get out alone together. BTW, I saw in another post that you live in VA. Me too. I'm in Northern VA outside of DC.


laura8 - June 15

im just too tired and lazy. dh comes home from work, we eat, watch tv, and i fall asleep on the couch....boring.....


KLT - June 16

Patti, i'm in NoVa Fairfax. Where are you? Going on this "date" tonight!! : ) We are going with a couple friends of ours I guess its a double date?? Point is..i'm getting out and doing something and thats all that matters. I like the idea of staying home and doing nothing too..but at this point, I think its best to get up and go out some...before I can't for a long while. Even if it doesn't lead to s_x or anything like'll be nice to just get out!!


KLT - June 20

Where'dja go Patti? Just wanted you to know...we went out for dinner on Friday nite...things didn't turn out so great. The couple we went with ended up leaving as soon as the meal was done (my friend wasn't feeling good), then when we got home we ended up getting into a spat over some dumb stuff...and slept in separate rooms. : ( Things are ok now...but my s_x drive is still MIA! boo hoooo...


Patti - June 20

Sorry I got a little busy and then couldn't even remember the name of the thread. I'm forgetting a lot of things lately! Anyway, sorry your romantic dinner bombed. I was hoping you had a great evening. Maybe just the two of you next time... Oh, I live in Prince Wm. County now. Used to live in Chantilly and out in Loudoun too. My s_x drive is still gone, but after the first three times, I didn't expect anything else. Sometimes my dh gives me a ma__sage after I give him a little somethin', lol. At least I'm getting something in return! I think it helps make him feel like he's able to do something and it's intimate. Take care!


KLT - June 21

I hear memory is pretty shot these days too. Dunno when we'll have another chance for a date...possibly 4th of July weekend. This weekend will be really busy as we have his son with us until Monday. I'm at the point where I can't even bring myself to give him a little somethin' thats that. Whereabouts in PW Co?


falafal0 - June 22

tell me about it. I'm now 32 weeks and my DH has patiently put up with me since falling pregnant - the first time, 10 years ago! :-)))) I've always been less enthusiastic about s_x than he has, and our ex drives are just different - we've worked it out over the years, but he's one of those 'whatever you want' guys when I'm pregnant (#4) so it's not a problem as I know it is for other couples, luckily. It's been the hardst pregnancy out of all of them anyway, which is taken into consideration as well. Some times I do feel like it, but by the time he comes home or it's the end of the evening dealing wih the kids and his work (10, 7 and 4 year old) I just tuck that pillow under my belly and snore away. Other times I make a point of it because I know he wants it but is holding back for my sake...


KLT - June 23

Well, if I could even bring myself to just give in for his sake... i would every now and then just because I know he's so patient with me. BUT...I can't. I'll maybe have an inkling of desire during the day sometimes..but like you the time he gets home...its long gone. And once I eat my dinner and get into my sweatpants and relax....forget it...its over! My hubby has also been bothered by the fact that i've been sleeping on the couch lately (its so much more comfortable there) and made a comment about it the other day. Last nite I sucked it up and slept in the bed...but it really hurts my back. : (



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