Ladies Has Anything About You Changed Since You Had Your Ba

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Kim O. - November 25

For example, are you more patient, crabby, or nice? Or did you even get something else, like a great chest or behind?


erin - November 25

If your question is supposed to end with "baby" then yes I have changed. Not so much personality but I now have hips and they seem to get bigger every time!


Lissi - November 26

EVERYTHING has changed since I had my baby 10 weeks ago! First of all, I've never been so stressed out and worried in my entire life! I thought I'd experieced sleep deprivation when I was preggo, but it was nothing compared to post-baby sleep dep! My clothes are always wet or stained! My s_x life has vanished forever! I'm crabby, a little depressed, and my "real" clothes still don't fit me! My b___t is huge, my chest is sore and my stretchmarks won't disappear! Hubby and I argue from dusk til dawn and I have no time for anything else, it's just baby, Baby, BABY!!!! Awe, but she's just so darn cute, it's worth it! :)


*leslie* - November 29

well, I on the other hand feel like I haven't changed much. I am not as stressed with the baby as I thought I would (he is 6 weeks) the first 2 weeks I was VERY stressed but not anymore. My clothes fit again. maybe I lost more weight than I wanted i weight 120. I feel much better emotionally, when preg my hormones were crazy all the time. I got strech marks the last 2 weeks of pregnancy but they seem to beginning to dissapear the only think is that I havent had s_x forever!!


Leahp - November 30

It's strange but I talk softer than usual, I was always a loud and enthusiastic talker, I still get like it after a few beers. But my little girl is almost nine weeks and I have to say it's been great!! Sure, my s_x life has slowed down because of the d__n forceps and s_x is really painful but I know I'll get it back!! My clothes don't fit all that great quite yet, I still have 10 pounds to lose. The only other thing is that I can really appreciate watching others with their children because I know what they went through to get there!! It's an awesome and surreal expereince, I still can't believe she was the one inside of me causing such a rumble!!!



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