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rachael_jye - October 15

iv been reading a few posts and everyone is so helpful so im hoping someone could somehow help me now. iv been on the pill for the last one n half years because i had polycystic ovarian syndrome, i no longer have the cysts as bad but i stayed on the pill anyway. my boyfriend came home from work on the 19th of sept and stayed until the 7th of oct. we had s_x multiple times every day. we are not necessarily ttc. i took the pill for the first few days when he was down, but then not at all for around two weeks. now he is back at work and iv stopped taking my pill. usually when i stop my pill for even a day i get my period but i have not got it still now and it has been two weeks or more. just before he left i had very light brown bleeding for around a day or two. iv had a white thick discharge for a week or so now which has just turned a bit yellowish, there is no bad odour though, i am also extremely bloated and a tad crampy. im very fatigued and this morning when i woke up i felt ill and almost threw up and iv had continous headahces n a runny nose. sorry this is so long i just want to know if its worth taking a test? i would have already but i am only 18 and i live in a small town, so i am waiting for my boyfriend to come home so he can buy one for me. i hope someone could please give me some advice. thanks for anyone who has read this.


tish212 - October 15

ur best bet is to take a test... that's the only real way to find out... if uve been off it for that long and still no period...I would say u might be... I used to take the pill nonstop skipping the "fakeones" and I know when I would skip a day my period would start that yeah u might be... u might try going to another town... that way u can find out before he gets home...


rachael_jye - October 15

i might have to do that, i wont be able to visit another town for a few weeks probably, so i may have to wait until he comes home. thanks heaps for your advice.


Gla__schicky - October 16

Yeah, I'd take a test if I were you just to be sure. I've been on the pill since I was 16 and I've missed my period twice now but only recently did my test come out positive. Good luck and let us know what happens.



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