Ladies Who Have Had Ectopic Pregnancies Please Help

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alc - October 17

i was just wondering if any of your symptoms were pains in the area where the top of your thigh, and front of your uterus meet...i am just not sure if this is normal or not, and i wanted to get an opinion before i ran out to the doctor, or worse yet the ER, i also should mention, that it is a dull aching, it isnt all that painful, just pretty uncomfortable...thank you for letting me know what you think, and take care!


js - October 17

Too low. An ectopic is a pregnancy in your fallopian tube which is from the ovary to the uterus. Pain in the groin region would not signify ectopic, plus a "dull" pain is not ectopic. THAT pain is UNMISTAKABLE!! At least it was for me... I couldn't breathe it hurt so bad. Sounds to me like normal "stretching" pains that happen when things down there are getting situated. If you are concerned, see your ob and ask him/her to rule out ectopic with an ultrasound - but be sure to have someone do the ultrasound know what the heck they are doing (long drawn out story there!!) Good luck!


alc - October 17

thank you js for getting back to me about this, i know that i might sound crazed, but with my other 2 pregnancies ( which resulted in m/c ), i dont remember this feeling, so i guess that i could also be a little paranoid, so thank you for putting my mind at ease some, i am sorry to hear about your loss as well, and i hope that you are doing well now...thanks again!!!!!!!


sandra - October 17

i had ectopic pregnancy and the pain was in low in my right side just around bikini line. my tube had ruptured and I was haemorraging badly - i nearly died. the surgeon at hospital couldnt believe i had had the pain for around a week before I collapsed. I thought it was severe menstrual cramping cos my period was late (nothing unusual) and preg tests were negative. Anyway the result was i had to have ovary and tube removed. However I did go on to have two children afterward so there is hope for everyone x



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