Lamaze Is It Necessary

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Josh Lorenzo - February 7

My wife and I are entering our third trimester with our first baby. We are on the fence about Lamaze. Alot of people who have recently given birth said it was not useful to them at all furing the labor process. I was curious about other peoples' experience with Lamaze or an alternative.


m - February 7

no it is not necessary i have 2 young children and i have never taken lamaze cla__ses. I also have 4 other sisters and amongst all of us their are 13 children and none of us have ever taken lamaze. but everyone is differnt.


Tracey - February 7

I took Lamaze and personally really enjoyed it. The cla__s I took wasn't just about learning how to breathe (which is the common misconception). We learned about all kinds of good things...labor positions, birthing positions, possible complications, all kinds of medicine alternatives. Also, we met a ton a fun people that are at the exact stage we are so it was fun to be able to interact with them. We also received a tour of the hospital, learned what we can do at home in labor before heading to the hospital (what to eat, not to eat...), what const_tutes an emergency and so on. It's based on the concept that knowledge is power. The more you know about labor and delivery in general, the less scared mom and dad are going to be which makes the whole process go smoother. It also teaches a little on infant care, which I needed. I would recommend it highly.


JF - February 7

My husband and I did a crash course for an entire day and we learned a lot but I don't think any of the techniques really helped because my labor was very fast and I opted for the epidural.


E - February 9

We do not want to spend $200 for a birthing course and have opted to rent a DVD set from the hospital, which they use for mothers on bed rest. Birthing courses are not for everyone and there are other ways to become educated about the process. My birthing plan is to arrive at the hospital on time and go with the flow. If I need pain relief, I will ask for it. If not, great:)


~m~ - February 9

I took it when I was pregnant the first time. I ended up having a c-section, and never experienced full b__wn labor pains, so I didn't have the need for any of that. However, I don't think that cla__s would have helped. As minor as my pains were, I still wasn't in the mood to be told to take "deep slow breaths", etc. I just didn't see it as much of a help. The ONLY thing I liked about it was the fact that it was through the hospital, so as part of the cla__s, we got a full tour of the L & D floor. Which obviously has nothing to do with breathing techniques, etc. My opinion: it is not necessary. When labor begins to kick your wife's a__s, I'm going to doubt she'll be in any mood to be told how to breathe and what to do..... Just my two cents. Good luck! :o)


E - February 9

Hi ~m~!! We took the complimentary tour of our hospital as it is offered whether one takes the course, or not. We found out that the postpartum unit sucks and the stay will be less than comfortable. I may opt for a single night and have the nurse visit our home. I have seen some PP rooms that are posh. The biggest reason that I do not want to take the birthing course is that there are so many couples packed into one cla__s and people take up time with ridiculous questions. I have better things to do on a Saturday. I like the idea of a DVD b/c we can watch it at our pace and fast forward through the info we know. I think the courses are offered as an anxiety reducing mechanism for couples. The strange thing is that talking about and watching women give birth causes me MORE anxiety than going in blind and letting nature take its course.


~m~ - February 9

Hey E! I know what you are talking about. My cla__s was actually one night a week for 4 weeks.... with the same group of people. And there are ALWAYS those ones who ask the dumbest questions! That was possibly part of my distaste with the cla__s. I don't blame you for preferring the DVD. That's what I would do if I were in your shoes. But since I've already had 2 c-sections, I have to do that again if I have another baby. So I guess rather than doing Lamaze, I'll just be watching "A Baby Story" and "Birth Stories" again. I loved those shows while I was pregnant! :o)


E - February 9

I can't watch "A Baby Story" without crying. Kind of like "Oprah". I cry every time, happy or sad. As usual, my home computer will not let me post...


Dez - February 11

No everything they taught me (breathing) was all forgotten with all the pain, lol. It was kinda fun and intresting you get to hang out with other pregnant couples. by the way I cried for the epidural too.


K - February 25

It was a waste of money! Hubby and I just finished our course which costed $150 for 4 3 hour long cla__ses! We too went into it thinming it was about Lamaze technique and not about juse the basics of birth and pregnancy which is all it was. We had oen full cla__s of actual Lamaze technique and the rest was all info we already knew or could has easily aquired anywhere on-line or in any pregnancy type book. If we had any idea that's all this cla__s was we wouldn't had wasted our time and money. In addtion the happy go lucky let's all be buddies atmosphere was not for us as we were not there to become friends w/ anyone and be social and that's what the instructor seemed to try and get us to do and that was not the purpose of the cla__s.



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