Lamaze Or No Lamaze

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KLT - June 14

What is your opinion on taking a lamaze class? I've heard so many different things. Most of the older generation say I need to take it.. My friends who have had kids all tell me its a waste of time. I am assuming its because back then they didn't do epidurals and needed to rely on breathing and concentrating right? I don't know. This is my first time having a baby! I just talked to a friend of mine who worked in labor and delivery and she also told me lamaze classes are a waste of time. I'd rather save my time and money if I don't have to take the class and focus on something more worthwhile like baby CPR or something. Also, whats your take on br___tfeeding classes? Do I really need to go or will the lactation nurse guide me at the hospital...or what? Help!


Steph - June 14

I took Lamaze with my first baby and I quit about three weeks into it. Just wasn't for me I suppose and I felt that it was a waste of time since I did not use any of the breathing styles when I was in labor. I think that if you are debating it you should do some research on the net and read up about'll probably find out just as much info on your own and maybe go to your public library and check out a video (if they have any) on Lamaze as well and save your money! I'm not taking any b___stfeeding cla__ses because I plan on utilizing the lactation nurses that they have in the hospital who are more than happy to show you and get you on track with b___stfeeding properly. Hope this helps! :o)


mcatherine - June 14

Steph has a good idea. I checked out a Lamaze and childbirth video from the local library for a dollar each for the week. You can also buy dvd's of the Lamaze method online for less than half the price of the cla__ses.


Olivene - June 14

I have read on here and in other places that during labor it is too difficult and no one does the breathing right anyway. Many ladies say the key is to relax- in through the nose out through the mouth deep breathing is cited as being helpful. I am looking into finding a relaxation technique cla__s if I can. I wanted to take a b___stfeeding cla__s, but after doing a lot of reading and finding out that they don't really offer them here (Japan) I gave up on that. Practically everyone b___stfeeds here. They just rely on the midwives to get them started. Might not be so supportive elsewhere. I guess the question is how do you feel about b___stfeeding? A cla__s might up your confidence, if you are worried.


CaliTrish - June 14

I'm expecting my first baby in October. I plan on taking the childbirth cla__ses offered at my hospital. In addition to Lamaze (breathing/distraction/relaxation) techniques, they will go over other things to expect - pain medication, medical procedures, possible problems, etc. I believe in being prepared, which you can do reading a book or viewing videos yourself, but I like the idea of being able to ask a professional if I have any questions. Also, I'd like to know some natural childbirth techniques as backup in case I don't make it to the hospital in time for an epidural. I plan to take the b___stfeeding cla__ses as well. No telling how good the lactation nurse will be. Plus, if there are any problems afterwards, I'd like to be able to cope with them. I had a friend who couldn't get her baby to latch on once they left the hospital. They ended up having to get emergency formula. Don't know if the cla__ses will be useful but more knowledge can't hurt.


Been There - June 14

I didn't take cla__ses. With my first child, I got up that morning and my brother-in-law told me to inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Having mentally prepared myself to just deal with the pain, I was calm during every contraction for 17 hours without drugs. Even when I got to the hospital, the doctor a__sumed I had taken cla__ses because I was so calm. I've always been the type of person who wanted to handle things on my own when possible, so I didn't take the cla__ses. I did, however, read books and magazines throughout pregnancy. I think it just matters how you feel about cla__ses versus other methods of preparation. So, if you'd like live interaction, cla__ses are good. If you like to be self-guided, then other methods will work. It's up to you to figure out what will work best.


KLT - June 14

Thanks ladies for your responses! I think that for the most part i'm able to keep myself calm in painful situations and deal, and like you Been There, I like to handle things on my own as much as possible. I was just worried that if I didn't take the cla__s I wouldn't know what to do when I go to the delivery room..but it seems i'll be alright. I've given this alot of thought and think I will opt to skip the cla__s...hopefully i'm making the right decision. Now the hard part is dealing with my mother and mother in law who believe I NEED the cla__s..and them not harping on me for my decision. As for the whole b___stfeeding thing, I know the hospital I am going to has a great lactation unit that I can always come back to should I have problems. Have any of you taken the baby CPR cla__s or plan to??


moucheka - June 16

I'm taking Bradley cla__ses at the moment and they are excellent. A very different focus to Lamaze. The coach is very involved and there are no breathing exercises. Look at Bradley cla__ses and compare the content to Lamaze, maybe they'll suit you more.


Been There - June 16

I had CPR back in high school, which included baby CPR. I highly recommended because it puts some additional thoughts into your head that will probably stay there and work out well later. My youngest daughter was choking at 3 years old. I tried the pat on the back first and when it didn't work quickly enough, I thought about looking at her throat to sweep it. After telling her to open her mouth, I discovered her mouth was full of chicken skin she had not chewed and was trying to swallow at once. I just pulled it out and she was fine. But I don't know if it would have occurred to me to have to have her open her mouth so I could check her throat if those techniques hadn't been instilled in me. That's one "hands on thing" I'm glad I did.


NURSEJ - June 22

i agree with ur friends, all lamze is is a bunch of breathing hell u do that on your own. i am going with epidural, i refuse to be laid up in a hospital bed and dyer pain. good luck on ur decision.


livdea - June 22

I took a lamaze was okay. I'm going with a natural labor and the lady who taught me was comming out of retirment b/c the actual coach was also pregnant and put on bed rest. SO...I don't think my teacher was that great. I learned a lot about the medical stuff but I am already learning that in a child birth education cla__s I'm yeah, I don't know how I'll do with the breathing, I think my mom taught me more then the teacher. However, I did go to a b___stfeeding cla__s for the hell of it, it was free and well...that I actually learned a lot in, surprisingly! Just about b___sts and how it works and what products work and which don't, different ways to hold the baby, lots of stuff, I found that cla__s usefull. I've also taking infant CPR...obviously I'm going to recommend that! Good luck!


falafal0 - June 22

We did cla__ses ith our first baby and to me, it was a total waste of time. M DH though it was ok, but I didn't. When the pains kicked in, every single piece of information went out the window and as DH says when I'm in labour, I don't even know my own name. I didn't even give any of the cla__ses a second's thought. Some women swear by them though - each to their own in every way...I think because I am also a rather shy person, being in a room full of others huffing and puffing and squatting around really put me off and I simply couldn't stand being there. It was interesting though, the info they gave you because it was your first time...


ZenGirl - June 22

With our son my dh and I signed up for lamaza and got a few free cla__ses to go along with it including infant cpr and b___stfeeding. Lamaze isn't so much about breathing anymore. It was extremely helpful for Both my dh and I. It gave him the opportunity to be involved inand understand a little more of the pregnancy that he would have with just reading the books. I felt that it was a great investment and will take a refresher course when we find out we are expecting #2. Hope this helps :)


KLT - June 23

Thanks for all your thoughts everyone...I have decided to skip lamaze cla__s. I"m sure my mom and MIL will scream at me as they both believe it is 100% necessary. I will look into the infant CPR though..sounds like the most worthwhile cla__s out of them all. : )



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