Last Menstral Cycle

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jojo - July 7

my last cycle began april 26th how far long would this make me? and why would i test neg?


cece - June 17

my period began june 6,2004. i had intercourse on june 13, 2004, is there a possibility of me being pregnante


stacy - June 17

You are about 7 weeks and 3 days past your last menstual cycle. This would make your baby about 5 weeks and 3 days old. The estimation is that you got pregnant on 5/10/2004. Your due date will be around 1/30/2005. I am a full time student in an registerd Nurse progam at my college. I have one more year to go before I graduate. Hope I helped in some way. Please take this information as an estimate, because I only went by your last menstrual cycle, but your doctor should give you a specific answer around these dates.


Gaz - June 18

can you get pregnate on your period?


danielle - June 19

My period came 2 weeks early what could have cased this? I am usally very regular. this has not happend in 2-3 years I am 20years


yemsy - July 5

does one still menstrate when pregnant?


Amber - July 7

My last cycle was on June 30, and I had intercourse on the 6th when i was still menstraiting, what are my chances of being prenant?


Stephanie - December 14

My first day of my period was dec 5th when is my prime time to get pregnant ? I had s_x last night 12/13 ?


Nicky - December 21

My last period was november how far long am i?


yetty - December 25

can you get pregnant if you have s_x on the last day of your period?


samj - January 9

We have three girls want a boy any hints


carly306 - January 12

I had unprotected s_x jan 4th, my period was supposed to come on jan 9th. im supposed to be on my fourth day of my period but I havent gotten it yet. I been having terrible pains in my lower stomach, i have extra cervix secretions, my b___st are sore, im starting to have mood swings. I know that stress can cause you to be late, but I was not stressed before, during, or after I was ovulating, so I know its not stress. I never been late, or had these symptoms. Whats going on with me?


crystal - January 12

what exact day did i get pregnant


sadie - January 17

can your menstration come week early even if it's always a regular cycle


Kerri - January 28

My last period was dec 11 and I had intercourse dec 20 and it is now jan 27 and I still haven't started my perioad also I have been sick since last thursday throwing up everyday I don't seem to feel good at all during the day but at night time I feel better than in the day time is there any posibility I could be pregnant??


samantha - February 6

i have a question thats kinda hard for me to figure out theres a girl i no that may be pregnant and im trying to figure out if its possible she had a period in dec and she said she was supposed to have a period on the 20-th day of Jan and she slept with him on the 15th of january could she be pregnant.


yvaughn - February 10

i usually am a few days late, but for some reason i'm a little scared that i may be pregnate. my b___sts are sore.



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