Late Never Done It Could I Be

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collegekid - January 31

okay, so here is the story: im late for my period, it's been kinda short over the past 3 months, i just moved into a new dorm, where i have a different roomate, im not sure if htat could have anything to do with it or not. anyway, my fiancee and i have never actually had intercourse, we have fooled around with our hands and stuff, but never acutal p__s/va___a penitration. I'm not sure if it is even possible to be pregnant without having intercourse, but im about 3 days later than what has been normal for the last 3 months and i've had to pee a lot. one time durring this last month ( just so happened to be on the 15th day of my cycle ( *rolls eyes*) ) he was using his hands on me, after he had ejaculated. I dont think, and neither does he, that he got anything on his hands, but i stopped him anyway after he started putting his hands in me, and made him switch hands. like i said, im not sure if this is even possible, let alone likely..has anyone ever heard of a virgin being pregnant other than jesus's mom? LOL? any imput would be greatly appriciated. thanks some college kid


Grandpa Viv - January 31

Pregnancy can occur without penetration. Fresh sperm getting to the moist part of the v____a by whatever means can do the trick, as in if he had fresh s____n on his hand and fingered you. Maybe the stress of changing roommates has delayed your cycle, but for a few measly bucks you can take a preg test first pee Saturday morning and set your mind at ease. Sounds like you are going to become s_xually experienced before very long, denial and good intentions notwithstanding. You seem to be pretty smart. Why not get properly prepared so you do not end up with a regrettable situation? Good luck!


Mommy1 - January 31

I know a girl who was a virgin when she gave borth to her son!! She got pregnant by fooling around after her boyfriend is possible. I would wait a few more days and then go see your doctor. Best of luck!


collegekid - January 31

my fiancee said that if i was pregnant, my cervix would be closed off, i checked and it is long does this usually take to happen?



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