Late Cycle Question

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quantumdot - September 11

Hello, looking for some feedback (I'll try to keep it short). My last period started July 22 (typically lasts 5-6 days), my cycle is 25 days on average and regular. I didn't get a period at all in August and 2 days before the one in Sept was due I started spotting/light flow (enough for panty liners), then had medium flow the next day, followed by a day of light flow, then today nothing at all. I was sexually active in August before and around the time I would have ovulated (several times). I did an hpt in Aug when I was about 3-4 days late and it was negative so I assumed stress to be the culprit. However, since 2 weeks after the July cycle began I've had mild intermittent period like cramps everyday, headaches everyday, dizziness/vertigo off and on, went up a cup size, and nausea started about a week and a half ago (and breasts became extremely sore to the touch), a few bouts of constipation (and diarrhea twice), white odorless discharge (not thick, not thin) for about a month now, and off & on hearburn/indigestion/gas throughout. I'd like to hear feedback from anyone who may have had a similar experience. I'm fearful that either I'm actally pregnant, or something much worse is going. I have a doc appointment (gyn) scheduled for tomorrow and will update once I know what the deal is. Thanks.


quantumdot - September 11

Just to add, I never get cramps between cycles. Always get them on day 2 of my cycle.


Grandpa Viv - September 12

Since the signs started at ovulation time in August, it's possible that a cyst is messing with your hormones. The signs sound like pregnancy but they would have started a week before the August period was due. Let us know what the obgyn decides.


quantumdot - September 18

OK, awaiting results from doc visit and I will update as soon as I get them.


quantumdot - September 25

Follow up: doc says I have one ovarian cyst (2.7 cm) and two very small fibroids (I already knew about the fibroids). She didn't say anything more and said to follow up in 3 months. I still have all of the same symptoms that I posted earlier -- I basically feel like crap.  :(


Grandpa Viv - September 26

quantum, sorry to hear you are suffering from the cyst. It may resolve by itself, which is why the doc is giving it 3 months. If it gets worse they might consider surgery.


monikadavid - October 3

These factors might be an indication of pregnancy. However, I don't want to raise your hopes high. Things can only be confirmed after consulting with your OB. I hope you get to hear a good news. Just stay positive. Also, stress is not really a good thing while you're on the TTC journey. So just make sure to remain more positive and don't let negativity strike your way.  Sending baby dust your way.



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