Late Prenatal Care

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danielle - August 29

I am pregnant with my second child, im 27 weeks and I am desperately trying to get on insurance through the state.. my husband switched companies right before we found out we were pregnant and now we have no insurance.. I have not seen a doctor yet and the people in charge of the state insurance program are tottally giving me the run around.. I made an appointment 3 weeks ago which im going to have to pay out of pocket for on september 7th.. anyone here have to wait this long before they could go to the doctor... and please dont jump down my throat.. im doing the best i can. by the way, i feel pretty good except for being tired and i feel the baby kick like crazy!


Britt - August 29

I am sorry you are having trouble with your insurance. Hopefully everything gets worked out soon. I think you will be fine with waiting to see the doctor. As I'm sure you know, some woman dont even know they are pregnant until they push the baby out. As long as you feel okay, you feel the baby moving around and are taking prenatals, you should be just fine. Good luck with everything!


and... - August 29

make sure you are taking prenatal vitamins. Over the counter are fine!


pbj - August 29

I'm a__suming it's too late for you and your husband to get COBRA coverage? There are more than likely doctors in your area that will see you...sometimes the free clinic can at least check to see if everything is going ok.


to Danielle - August 29

Do you not have a County Health Department there? The one we have here will see you and the fee's are based on your income. If you don't make enough money, you don't have to pay a thing....... If not you should be fine, but you need to somehow get to the doc and let them examine you. They need to check you for STD's, and you need an ultrasound. Hope your taking vitamins. I know how if feels to not have alot of money to be able to do everything you feel you need to. Sorry your in that position. If it were not for our Health Department, I don't know what I would have done.


danielle - August 29

thanks for all your responses.. i have been taking prenatal vitamins and i know i dont have any std's ive been tested and my husband and i have been eachother's only partners. I am anxious to go to the doctor and make sure things are okay.. i feel so helpless sometimes.



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