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Suzie - January 24

hi leahp, just wanted to check in with you...how ya doing? im starting to lose hope! i just turned 5 weeks today and i have some brown discharg :( i just hope its normal but im doubting it.


leahp - January 24

Hi Suzie!! Don't worry that isn't necessarily a bad sign, a lot of women have some spotting in the first trimester, but since you did have a chemical pregnancy prior, call your doc, they'll probably get you in right away!!! But usually brown blood is better to have than red! I haven't gotten my HCG #'s checked, I don't know if I should, I was just going to wait until Feb. 28th uggghh!! That's great you got in earlier!!! I'm six weeks now, four weeks fertilization age!! I'm starting to get the nausea and quesiness! yuk!! But I'm still worrying about miscarriage, I'm just trying to stay positive, for what I fear I may create!! Let me know how your feeling!!! Thanks for checkin in on me!!!


Suzie - January 24

me again! i just got back from the lab to check my second HCG level. Now i have to wait for them to call me. while i was there i stopped in and talked to the nurse about the brown discharge and she said it can be normal but it also can be a sign of miscarrige. while i was getting my blood drawn i asked the phlobotamist? what she thought and she said "it just your body trying to have a period but cant" i hope shes right! i wont worry too much unless i see red. time is going by sooooo slow! I WANT THAT PHONE TO RING!! ill let ya know how it goes :) sorry about the M/S i hope it gets better for you.


Sandy - January 24

Hi Suzie, I am turning 11 weeks on Wednesday and still have a brownish dicharge. I saw my doctor last week and she said everything seems to be normal and a lot of women go through this. I have been reading a lot and most sites say the same thing. I would not worry too much because you are only going to make yourself stress a lot more and it's not good for your pregnancy. I would just leave it to God and stay positive. Good luck


Suzie - January 24

oh Sandy i pray your right! thank you so much for your imput that helps alot! Now if only the nurse would hurry up with the results!! still waitting for her to call! :)


Suzie - January 24

Hi leahp, my first # was 149 and the nurse just called me and told me my second was 164. which means im probably gonna miscarry. she wants me to get another # on wednesday. i doubt the #'s will go up.


tiffani - January 24

Suzie ~ Hugs to you and what you're going through. I'm sorry. xxxx


Leahp - January 25

OH Suzie!! What should the numbers be at??? What horrible news! My prayers will be with you!! hmmm! that always boggles me how they can tell all these things just by our numbers, she didn't say anything of hope that maybe yours just rise at a slower rate?? and plus why do they want you to keep coming in making it harder on you!!! If your going to miscarry there's nothing they can do about it, sometimes I wonder about these docs! That would drive a poor woman crazy going through that!! I'm upset!!!! I hope things look up for you, CHIN UP!!!


Becca - January 25

Leahp, I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats!!! When did you find out?


Sandy - January 25

Suzie I am praying for you and you're in my thoughts. I know how it feels not to be sure and how the doctors make you feel. They made me feel the same way. For anyone that wants to know a little bit more about the HGC levels of pregnant women, please go to http://www.conceivingconcepts.com/learning/articles/hcg.html and find out. I learned a lot from reading this site. Suzie I know it's hard but please try to stay positive. There is always an exception to the rules and it might apply to you. I really thought I was going to miscarry but with God's blessing I'm close to being done with my first tirmester. May God be with you.


Leahp - January 25

Hi Becca!! I've been looking around for you on some of these forums. Because you helped me through what I thought was the end of trying, since my husband thought I was getting a little carried away!! But through the month of Dec. I just shut-up about babies, didn't mention them at all, but I found him still bringing them up, I only spoke of fun adventures we should pursue and future vacation spots!!! Well, Christmas Eve he made the decision to let the magic potion fly!!! Plus the next few times after that, we didn't try at all, we just made love when we felt like it!!! BAM!! Jan.15th my Birthday, I missed my period the previous day and decided to see if the Lord was going to give me a B-day gift of a lifetime and he did!! Three faint positives and by the next Thurs. a bright line!!! It sure happened fast!!! I still haven't completely accepted it, but I hope in time, I'm just a little scared!!! Thanks for the congrats!! How are things with you!!???


Suzie - January 26

here is an update on my HCG #'s 149 164 312 (finally doubled!) nurse says there is a 50/50 chance of a miscarrige and also a possibility of an ectopic. but i have no cramping on one specific side and the discarge as light as it was is totally gone. i have an ultrasound scheduled for feb 4th. the wait is gonna kill me!! i know the chances are extremley slim for me but the fat lady hasnt sung for me yet!! :) just thought id let you know what going on with me leahp. how you doing?


Becca - January 27

That is sooo awesome! I am so glad to hear it and I am Very eexcited for you! I am 10wks now and just went to see the doctor today. Had an ultra sound because of some spotting I have been having since around Christmas. The heart rate was great and the baby is growing right on time! So everything is looking good so far! Let me know how things go with you! I will keep checking in! xo


Leahp - January 27

Hello!! Suzie I will pray that all goes well for you, I'm still confused on what exactly your numbers represent, but I have my first doctors appt. on Feb. 2nd. So maybe that will help me to understand what's going on, but I feel ya on waiting for an u/s, I'm a little confused whether they'll do one on me or not during my appt. I'll be seven weeks along, gestational age! Also, I've been doing some reading, and what exactly do our progesteron levels represent during pregnancy?? I'm sooo happy for you Becca sounds like you have a beautiful healthy baby on the way! Ok but now I'm confused about all this talk about the baby being to small or to big for the age, what's that all about! I'm a rookie, first pregnancy!!! I still can't believe it!!! Bless the both of you!


Sandy - January 27

Oh Suzie I am so happy for you. God is great. I'm glad the numbers have gone up. Even with a normal pregnancy (no spotting or cramping) they always tell you there is a 50/50 chance until the first tirmester is over. I would not worry about anything. I still have the symptoms that I told you about but my baby seems fine so just keep on focusing on taking care of yourself and the little one. I think doctors always tell you worst case senario so you can prepare yourself for anything. I hope all goes well for you on Feb 4th.


Becca - January 27

Well, The doctor told me that I am 10w 0 days, but the baby measuered 9wk 5d. She said that their measurements are approximate and not exact and as long as they are within 5 days of what you believe to have been your LMP then you are good.(Or maybe your dates are wrong if the baby measures smaller/bigger) So even though the abby today measured 9wk 5d the doctor said she would still consider me 10wk today because it is within that 5 day range and the US is only an approximate measurement


Suzie - January 30

well?? leahp, so how did your appt go?? is everything ok?? As for me, i started bleeding a bit on the day of my appt so doc did an internal ultrasound and didnt see anything..he said it may be too early and not to worry about the bleeding sometimes its normal. its mostly brown (old blood?) not much makes it to the pad (sorry tmi) and there are no sign of clots or cramping. i had the cramping the first day and that was all. and that was a couple of days ago. they did another test to check my hcg but i dont get the results back till monday. i just dont know what to think anymore. i just keep thinking its not a miscarraige untill i see clots am i wrong? or is it possible to have a miscarriage and no clots? IM GOING CRAZY!!!



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