Leaking Amniotic Fluid

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Leahp - May 16

Hi all! over the weekend hubby and I had s_x and all was well, but I sat on a chair and had a gush, it freaked me out and I went to the bathroom to notice it was a good amount, but I was also figuring it could be a mixture of semen and discharge, we called the doc and he said it sounded like a leaking of urine, so I went on with my day keeping an eye on my panties and noticing they were dry the rest of the day! Am I really just a freak??? I guess it wasn't amniotic fluid! Have any of you had this happen?


Jenn... - May 16

I noticed one day that I had saturated a pantyliner. The fluid was clear and did not smell like urine, so I called my doc to see if he could see me the next day. Instead he sent me to the hospital where they ran some test to see if it was amniotic fluid. It turned out not to be, but rather just thinned out discharge and possibly urine. I tell everyone it was my dress rehearsal for when I go into labor since they treated me like I was in labor. I think if it was just a small amount of fluid that you noticed and it is not continuing to drip don't worry about it and waste a trip to the hospital. However if you notice a constant leak have them test it. Good luck!


Leahp - May 16

Thanks Jenn, That's what I needed to hear!! I wasn't ready to go to the hospital considering that we really didn't give it enough time to watch and see what happened but since I was dry the rest of the day, it must of been watery discharge!!! Weird!!! Plus, I should of figured right after s_x to have some kind of gush!!! But since it was more than usual I was highly confused, but of course this increased amounts of discharge that comes along with pregnancy is a nuisance!!!! Thanks for your story!!! You will be more prepared!!


nicole - May 16

my underwear are always wet and i dont know what it is. i cant smell so i dont know if its uring leaking or not, and im too embara__sed to have my bf smell them for me, so i dont know whats going on.


Leahp - May 16

That's funny becasue I had my hubby smelling the tissue when I wiped to my underware, it was quite comical now that we look back on it!!!


Nothing - May 16

I am sure this is nothing. When my water broke it leaked for about an hour!


mumof2boys - August 29

i am feeling constantly wet and having a bit of niggling pain. did anyone have pain with the leaking?



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