Leg Cramps

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crystal - May 2

Is it normal to get leg cramps at night? I wake up at night to severe leg cramps and it take me a long time to get rid of them? Is there anything i can do to solve this problem?


jen - May 2

me too. not much you can do to prevent them but if it comes on you need to make your leg and foot go as straight and tense as you can and try and 'bend' your toes back up to yourself


Clare - May 3

Eat banana/dsuring the day. Since I started eating two a day I have not had any cramp - something to do with the pota__sium.


Lissi - May 3

Drink lots of water. I find this really helps. You may be peeing all night, but it's better than getting cramps. If it happens to me, the only thing that stops it is getting out of bed as fast as possible and putting all my weight on the offending leg until the pain subsides.


crystal - May 3

Thanks everyone for the advice. I do drink a lot of water now but i will try eating bananas during the day hopefully that will help.


Heidi - May 3

I get them lately too but it's usually the nights I hit the treadmill too long a the gym. God they hurt.


jessica - May 3

Lately while im sleeping my hip hurts so bad, then the pain shoots down my leg. Now both of my legs are painful. When i wake up they still hurt. Its keeping me from sleeping at night. My lower back is killing me as well. But im not even sure im pregnant yet, im waiting for my period to start in 2 days; But something tells me it isnt coming. My b___sts are sore, and ive been able to see the veins in my b___sts very clearly lately, and i found skintags on my right b___st and arm pit. im pretty sure im pregnant this time, but last month was a negative, even though i threw up and had a faint post_tive, the docs told me it was negative. has this happend to any of you? were you still pregnant?


April - May 3

just got this in my email from pampers.com... pretty much answers your question.. haha............. Third-trimester complaint. Are you waking up suddenly with cramps in your calves? Leg cramps are a common complaint during pregnancy, though not every woman gets them. Experts aren't sure exactly what causes them; some say it's the added weight on your legs, while others think the pain may signal a calcium or pota__sium shortage. They may also be the result of the pressure of your uterus on the nerves running to the legs. Coping with leg cramps..... If you do get a cramp, stretch your leg gently, flexing your foot and pulling your toes back toward you. Stretching throughout the day and just before you go to bed may help too. Make sure you load up on calcium-rich foods (dairy products are your best bet), as well as those that contain a lot of pota__sium, like bananas.


Natural - May 3

what these lovely ladies forgot to mention is that you can laid on your left side or right side ( the one that is not hurting). You could be having leg pain because your baby is putting pressure on your nerves ( use to happen to me all the time) you can also try putting a pilliow in between your legs....works great.. how many months are you?



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