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thefuturemrswhite - May 1

I cant find information on this anywhere so Ill see if you guys know. Im married but separated and have been for quite some time. My babies father is not my husband. I cant go through with my divorce because our state law says you cant get divorced while pregnant. So my question is Can the babies fathers name be on the birth certificate or is it automatically my husband who is because were married?? People keep saying it has to be my husband and thats not right. I havent even seen him in 2 years.


sibling4aidan - May 1

Omg what state do you live in? No, it is not your husbands baby you put what name you want on there it's your baby! I may be pg and FINALLY have my final divorce hearing May 26th. Please tell me it's not CA?? Im thinking of you wish I could help further. Try not to stress not good for the baby or you. Can you call a lawyer I be you can find someone to answer your questions for good. gl hun


Krissy68 - May 1

thefuturemrswhite - Hi I just want to let you know I went through the same thing 17 years ago I was married to my first daughter father but I seperated from him got pg by my second daughter father and when she was born I was able to give her his last name but for father's information it had to be my husband's I was so p__sed off about this and I thought that was just stupid. Anyway I went to court to have it change because I knew it just wasn't right. I had to fill out a form where 2 witness and the doctor who delivered the baby filled out went to court and the judge ask the baby father did he think he was the father and if not could you a DNA but he knew and I think the process took about maybe 2 months. I lived in Dayton, Ohio. I also had my lawyer with me. I hope this help. Good Luck to you. Krissy68


mjvdec01 - May 1

I agree, you can put whatever name you want on the birthcertificate. It doesn't matter who you are married to at the time. You could name your child, Totem Pole Pancake, if you wanted.


gram2b - May 1

There would be no reason to put your husbands name on the B.Certificate, he is not the father. But this leads me to a question I have! (hope I'm not being rude!) But..What if a woman is being funded by the state (public aide, welfare..etc..) for her pregnancy, and she decides to put her fiances name on the B.C. not knowing for sure he is the dad. Will the Gov'mt come back on him to pay for the cost of care? Will they make her take a DNA test? Say she only wants his name on the B.C. because their getting married, and he will be raising the baby too. Can she get in trouble for not mentioning the possible father? Any Advise anyone?? Thanks thefuturemrswhite for letting me b___t in!! Good luck with your new life!!


thefuturemrswhite - May 1

to sibling4aiden I live in Michigan Im not sure how many laws we have that are the same. to Krissy68 did you have to pay to have the name changed? And do you know if they would have allowed you to get a divorce while you were pregnant? I just cant afford a divorce right now because I have a baby to save for but the state wont let me get divorced anyways.


Krissy68 - May 1

thefuturemrswhite - I had a lawyer so I was on a payment plan with him but it seem to me you and me are alike we were legally seperated is this your case? If so they will not let you get a divorce what I do remember I had his name off her BC and my divorce was final in Feb 91 my baby was born Aug 90. I think I might have paid the lawyer maybe 400.00 but you might can just go to the court building and have it done I tried that and it didn't work so I had to go the other route. Also what you could do are you still using your married name? If so that is fine just make it your maiden name and for the father's information put your boyfriend and whatever you do don't tell anyone at the hospital you know the people who do the birth certificate I made my mistake by being honest and it cause me all kinds of problem. After being honest with the dumb lady she said you could have kept that to yourself we don't really care who the father is and who go on the bc then why the hll you give me a hard time. I hope this help. If you have anymore question just ask away. Krissy68


thefuturemrswhite - May 1

I do still have my married name. Would I just tell them im divorced when im not? Do they have ways of knowing?


Teddyfinch - May 2

i do know you are allowed to request that a father's name not be put on the certificate, so if they demand you use your husband's name, tell him to put no father's name and then once all the legal junk is done, have the father's name put on the certificate. how ridiculous is that? forcing someone to put another man's name on the cert. when you know it's not his.



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