Let S All Try This

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tiffani~edd:11/07/05 - April 12

It's so hard remembering where everyone is in the baby department so I thought if we could all add to either our name or our post whether we are ttc, expecting, or are a new parent it would help all of us. Yes? No?


tiffani - April 12

Maybe it would be better to add it to the end of our post. FYI :edd stands for estimated due date. ~edd 11/07/05


Jena - April 12

Tiffani, great idea! I just found out today I am expecting twins! I'm 23 years old and DH and I are a little overwhelmed, if I can say the least :) - but VERY excited! EDD of TWO (!): 12/5/05


tara - April 12

Pregnant with 1st baby; can hardly wait! ~ edd ~ Aug 08/05 :o)


Missy - April 12

Pregnant with first baby ~edd 10/2/05


D - April 12

expecting first ~ Oct 15, 05


sara - April 12

hi, i am pregnant with my 3rd edd 10-07-05


Alexis - April 12

Hi I'm new posting on this forum I've been on signs of pregnancy for a while but my edd is 12/5/05 This will be my 3rd.


Rachel* - April 12

I'm pregnant with my first. ~edd 9/27/05


amanda.d - April 12

Pregnant with fourth and final(no accidents i hope!!) edd ~10/27/05.


Misty - April 12

Pregnant with my second child now. I'm 22 and if anyone wants to see the pic I just figured out how to work that piczo thing. It is http://mistypics.piczo.com edd 10/26/05


Foxy - April 12

Good idea. Will do it from now on. 1st baby 6th Sept 05.


Lovely - April 12

Just happy to be posting again!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!! so happy, lalalalalala lalalala do wop doobie doo :0 Edd Sept glorious 22nd. Baby #2 lalalala


glo - April 12

edd setp 2 '05 my ist Baby


kenya mama - April 12

Hey, Tiffani! You are I are really close in edd! Mine is 11/8/05! This is my second and most likely my last.


Mellissa - April 12

This is such a good idea! I love it! :-) I'm 17 weeks.........2nd pregnancy, but this will be my first baby...(miscarriage in july) ~ edd Sept. 21, 2005


Angela TO Missy - April 12

That is going to be a special baby. We share the same Birthday. Congrats to you and the little one. Congrats to everyone!



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