Let S Play Name That Alter Ego

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La Rae - March 30

I have a few 'personalities' on this board. Would anyone care to fathom a guess as to which other ones are mine? Please, feel free to share your own. This could be fun!


Melissa - March 30

I go by M or Roc!


WOW..... - March 30

name calling and cuss words delivered in record time! Did they shut your illegally obtained cable off at the Trailer Park again?


Sarita - March 30

Not to sound uninterested...but who cares? What does your personalities have to do with general pregnancy questions? Can't someone create another forum for this and that name calling thread? Just my two cents...not that anyone really asked. :P


To La Rae - March 30

I just really, really hope you are not SP.


Y? - March 30

You know her?


to La Rae - March 30

i am sorry just having a laugh, i am one of the nice people on this site.


Mary - March 30

We need a place to have fun and pa__s time - for us working everyday, we appreciate some light humor and threads like this one. I for not think that they are awesome. And like many have said before - you do not have to read it, if you are not interested in it.


To La Rae - March 30

So who are you in the alter life?


Julia - March 30

Hi! Nice thread you have here. I do have an alter ego, but people do not like it much. :)


La Rae to Mary - March 30

I will 'ECho, Echo, echo' your sentiment! I'm right there with ya' girl! We need to vent in other ways than just rantin' and ravin' - a little humor can do us ALL some good!


to Y? - March 30

Who does not know that trash?


La Rae to Julia - March 30

Nice to be here, and right back atcha'... I'm gonna take a stab and say that you alter-ego is either Shannon or SugarPie (now if I am wrong - Shannon and/or SugarPie, PLEASE don't shoot me!) Just remember....this is all in fun, this is all in fun!


Julia - March 30

OMG! Yes! I do not know who your alter ego is :( But please, I am not SugarPie!


To: To Y? - March 30

I guess pretty much nobody.....but to be fair, she ain't all 'That Bad'. I've seen worse.


To Y - March 30

I just a__sume that the worst ones are her alter egos! :)


To: To Y - March 30

Oh man! I bust a gut over that one! THAT was way funny! (and no, I am not being facetious) That was a good one!



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