Lifting Heavy Things

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Vicky! - November 24

i know you shouldn't lift heavy things during pregnancy but why, what could happen? and is it more safer to lift heavy things after a certain point? i know it may sound stupid but i lift heavy things at work and i get so worried about it!


Stephanie - November 24

There are a few reasons why during the later stages in pregnancy you should not lift heavy. But what is heavy to you? Soem women cannot lift due to medical reasons. I myself lift moderately heavy. I lift weights in the gym- I use to bodybuild so everyone is different. Make sure you lift correctly, breathe, and use your body as a signal. Talk to you doctor/ care taker for what may be right for you. How far along are you? I am 17 weeks. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy


?. - November 24

i am 24 weeks and they ask me to carry like a basket of drinks, i strain myself a little but not alot. i just want to know why cant we! god bless ux


HMM - November 24

I know a lady who was going to have her only girl. She carried a watermelon, and had a miscarriage.


Kathy S - November 24

Lifting and carrying heavy items can strain our abdominal area...that is where the baby is growing. First keep in mind that the uterus IS A MUSCLE...and when it is enlarged and has a large fleshy placenta attached to it on the inside, what can happen is that a strain on the muscle we call the uterus, can cause the placenta to be torn away from the wall of the uterus!! Depending on the severity of the tear or rupture, we can have a threatened m/c...and actual m/c...irreversible damage can be done to the fetus (remember that the placenta provides nourishment and oxygen, etc) by the reduced placenta operation, etc. So, think about it could lift something too heavy, cause a strain, and lead to possible death or retardation of the baby you are carrying. Now, you make the personal decision to say whether or not you are willing to take that risk. No two women are the same, so one woman might be able to carry a 40 pound child and be ok...and another might carry a 20 pound bag of groceries and start bleeding, cramping and losing the baby that evening. I had torn some of the placenta on my now 18 yr old daughter when I was just 7 months pregnant....(I was just carrying a heavy bag of groceries and then a 1 year old child up stairs)....I ended up on bedrest for a long time until the bleeding subsided. Thank God it was only a small abruption and healed and no harm was done to my daughter. But I will never, ever take that risk again!! I will find someone to help me with things, I will not be afraid to appear weak to others (becuase that life inside me is more important than what they think of me), I will always put the baby's importance first no matter what. I am 20 weeks pg now and do not lift more than 10 pounds. I have a 40 pound 2.5 yr old, and he is doing fine with mommy not being able to pick him up. And we find fun creative ways for him to get up onto things I usually have to lift him for. He has a stepstool for his swing outside and at the grocery store we find either the carts he can climb in himself or I simply briefly explain to a worker there and they are always happy to help with lifting him in and out. So, I hope this has been helpful to some wondering about lifting while pregnant. Everyone is different, but we all have the risks if we are overdoing our personal limits while pg. God bless you all.



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