Light Pink Spotting Help Please

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Jessica - August 21

Hi I am 8 weeks 5 days pregnant and have been haveing some pink spotting when I wipe for the last three days. It never really comes out much and is watery pink blood often times with discharge. I am so confused and worried. My next doc appt is in 2 weeks but I am going to call tomorrow to try to get in sooner. I am just so worried. I have spotted before with this pregnancy but it was always brown old blood caused by a yeast infecion (the doc says) but what do you think this is from?? I have no cramps or backpain. Any advice??


Bump - August 22



Julie - August 22

I think you should call your doctor and demand to be seen. I suffered a miscarriage in Nov. and it began with light pink spotting then turned to brown spotting. The spotting wasn't severe at all only when I wiped. I had no cramping and no other signs of miscarriage. When the doctor performed the ultrasound there was no heartbeat.


Jessica - August 22

Well that is scary. I called the doc and they got me in at 2:00. I will let you know what happens.


Julie - August 22

Good luck it could wind up being nothing but better safe than sorry.


tiffani~71 days to go!! - August 22

I had spotting at 11 weeks, and an ultrasound showed the little sac of blood outside my uterus that was the culprit. Apparently it was from a prenancy cyst that hadn't completely been dissolved by my body. They occur in every pregnancy and are very common. Usually they'll disappear without ever being recognized, and in some cases, such as mine, they'll leave some signs. Hope everything turns out okay at the doctors today. Be sure to update us. :o)


bump - August 22



Jessica - August 22

Great news: I went to my appointment today and everything looked great. The baby was so active and squirming around by belly. It aslo had a very very strong heartbeat. They said everything looked great and not to worry!!! I am thrilled but cant wait until I am completely out of the woods. (13 weeks) I am relieved to see that my cervix was closed and the baby growing as supposed to. Thanks for all of your support!!


Jessica - August 22

My belly (typo)


tiffani~71 days to go!! - August 22

That's excellent news! Now you have some peace of mind, and that's a wonderful thing. Glad to hear everything is okay. :o)


Julie - August 22

Good news. Maybe it was just some old blood they also say that can happen.


Dawn - August 22

It could also be implantation bleeding. I had the same around 7-10 weeks and essentially when the egg implanted into uterus, it landed on a blood vessel. According to my doctor, this is supposedly not common, but normal. However, we needed a sonogram to confirm this and confirm that the blood had either been absorbed or had exited the uterus to ensure the baby's growth had not been impeded. It can cause up to a two week delay in delivery. Although I haven't gotten that far yet, but the baby is almost 2 weeks smaller than where it should be. So far it seems to make sense. Hope this helps! I was freaking out too!


Paula - August 28

I am also 8.5 weeks and had light pink spotting for 1 day. This happened yesterday but stopped by bedtime. I've read it can be because your second period is due around this time. I hope so! I feel scared. I've also had diarhea and gas which is upsetting my stomache.


Erin - August 28

I had that throughout my pg... ended up that it was caused by placenta previa, so I was on several restrictions. Your ob will probably give you an u/s. As long as it's not bright red, heavy or accompanied by horrible cramping, try not to worry. My son is a healthy 4 month old! Good luck! I'm sure your OB will see you earlier.


miranda - August 28

Jessica, another thing to keep in mind is that after you have seen the baby's heartbeat on ultrasound, your chances of miscarrying go way down. Glad to hear all is well, I spotted twice during this pregnancy at 7 and 10 weeks and I am now 37 weeks pregnant! Good luck!


Jessica - August 29

Thanks Miranda and to everyone else. I will be 10 weeks tomorrow and no more spotting. I have tried to stop worrying so much but I think it just comes with the territory. I will keep you posted!!



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