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amanda.d - March 21

Hey guys have any of you ever woke up extremely lightheaded?I woke up that way this morning and can't seem to shake it.I know when i went to bed last night that i was hungry, would that have anything to do with this?I need some advice please.


DUH!! - March 21

get to the doctor dum a**.


Kim - March 21

Lightheadedness is a symptom of pregnancy. I would try eating something to see if you feel any better and then call your Doctor's office if it does not go away. I have read that if this is a common symptom for you, you want to be sure to eat every couple of hours.


amanda.d - March 21

Thanx Kim, i can't get in to my doc until tommorow, so i hope its fine.This is my fourth pregnancy and i've never had this happen so i am a little scared.


Lynn - March 21

I had the same thing with my first pregnancy. I even fainted... in the delivery room when taking a tour of the maternity ward... The other women in the group were freaking out! Anyway, when I would be in line at the grocery store I would start to feel light headed and as if I was about to faint. I did not have any of this with my second pregnancy.... just make sure to eat regularly.


amanda.d - March 21

Your comments sure help to ease my mind.


Liz - March 21

Drink a lot of water and eat small meals through out the day. I remember it happened to me while I was driving and scared the #$%@ out of me. Good luck!


Michelle - March 21

Oh Yes I know how scary that is. I would get light headed alot with my first. When I was in line at a store mainly . The best thing is to eat right. Maybe carry some crackers in your purse so you can nibble if your away from home. Or just sit down for a minute and drink a gla__s of water. That helped me.


Yoi - July 18

I should get my period this coming Friday, however, the last few days (since like Friday) I have been feeling a little lightheaded. I have also felt a little nausseated once in a while during the past couple of days with discomfort in my stomach around the abdomen area, but I also had bad indigestion during this time. I wonder if I could be pregnant? Also, yesterday morning I had s_x and when I went to wipe, there was very light pink on the paper. I don't like getting my hopes up since I have been thinking about it too much and I heard that is not good. Help!!!!


~E~ - July 18

You may be anemic...just a thought.


Yoi - July 18

No, not anemic. My hemoglobin is 14.



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