Like A Third World Country

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Ugh! - September 2

I can't believe this news report. This has nothing to do with pregnancy but it is sickening to watch with all the tragedy that is going on down south. Remember to delete the hypens that may appear when I paste....


Ugh - September 2

There should be three hyphens one between countdown and looting, one between looting and in, and one between in and walmart, ALL others should be deleted. Sorry about the confusion, but worth the watching,


chelsey - September 2

I heard on the news this morning that they were sending in the National Guard to straighten out all the chaos. It seems that people haven't had food, water, medicine etc., since Monday! The Guards have the right to "shoot to kill", if need be. Seems to me that will just add to the chaos! Also heard that everybody is looting, but there is no longer food and stuff to loot! However, some guy thought that ripping off the gun displays would help keep him alive! I cant believe the devastation! Breaks my heart! My prayers go out to everyone in the Gulf states! Just one question to everybody... if your town or city was involved in some sort of disaster, would you and your family be prepared for it?


to ugh - September 2

I cant find this link... doesn't work for me, no matter what I do!


HI - September 2

It is Lewding just to let you know.


um... - September 2

actually, looting is the right word to use. lewding isn't a word, not in my dictionary anyways! To loot means to pillage or steal. thanks though!


aahhh! - September 2

I cant connect to it either!


Southerner - September 2

I have lived in the deep south most of my life. I'm terribly upset w/ what is occurring in the aftermath of Katrina, it is like a war. How do you expect military aircraft to land and deliver aid when they are being fired upon, how does breaking into stores and stealing guns and athletic clothing going to help you. I'm sorry but they are (the gangs) acting like animals. They want everyone to come in and save them but they are looting, raping people, hurting small children, stealing what little possessions others have, breaking into peoples hotel rooms, stealing from peoples destroyed homes. Mayor Nagin is coming on screaming and cussing at everyone for not helping out, well he needs to get his population of people under control so people will feel safe to go in and help them. You didn't people acting like this after the Tsunami hit in Asia. All of the people have fair and ample warning to get out of New Orleans, they chose to stay. I am very sorry for what happened to these people and i really worry about what is to come, but it's not fair for them to b___h and b___h for a__sisstance and the when a__sisstance arrives they are fired upon w/ AK-47's.


Narcissus - September 2

It's one thing to loot for food and some clothes for your family when you have nothing left, but it's quite another thing to steal tvs and luxury goods.... If I were faced with this situation, I would be taking the essentials like food, toiletries, clothes, and baby items. I would fill one or two carts and move on to find shelter. Just my thoughts on what I would do if it were me...


soleil - September 2

i cant go to the link...


Narcissus - September 2

I totally agree. I have had tears in my eyes for days. I feel so helpless. I wish more than ever that I could open my home to people, if for nothing more than a hot meal and a shower. It makes me feel so awful to know I can't do that b/c I have my own family to protect from potentially harmful or dangerous strangers. If I did not have a son to look out for, I would take the chance and house a family. How they would get to NC, I have no idea.


Heidi - September 2

If I wasn't pregnant I'd be down there in a heartbeat helping out red cross. They finally showed video of inside the dome and it was just disgusting. Dead people, overflowing bathrooms. The NBC reported said nobody was being violent and they just wanted help. They said two infants have already died from dehydration in there. Unreal.


Southerner - September 2

I guess the best we all can do is pray, donate what you can and take care of our families and each other and maybe be a little nicer to that stranger on the street because you don't know what they have been thru....I am in Alabama, we had damage, power out, trees down, nothing like what these people are going thru so i'm not trying to compare at all, but all of our hotels are booked and now our gas stations are running out of gas, that is really what is scaring me, people are panicking and buying up all the gas; 4 gas stations around where i work have already covered their tanks. I filled up yesterday morning and by yesterday evening at same station gas went up 11c. Everyone is just trying to conserve, but we also have a long weekend coming up, i drive an xterra, so needles to say it's not the greatest at gas mileage. I don't know, this is just really freaking me out...i watched forever the coverage of the Tsunami, and then it hits here close to home..the bad stuff is not so far away this time....I'm a worrier and this has gotten me upset, more so because i'm pregnant, i had my firstborne son 2 weeks after Sept. 11th, talk about crying.. but that's another story......Peace to all.


Ugh - September 2

Sorry you have had trouble getting to the link. I tried it again from my original post and it works but you need to wait for it to load (some computers though might not take it.) Basically, you copy and paste the address I have up at top but ONLY TAKE OUT THE HYPHEN BEFORE COM AND AFTER WALMART. The hyphens between Countdown-looting-in-Walmart SHOULD BE THERE. I hope someone out there can connect to this because it is truly remarkable. It is a reporter who walks into a walmart where everything is all over the place (like a free for all) and tries to find the police. When he does find them in aisle 3 they are looting too! They have their shopping carts and everything. I mean, I lived in Africa for 5 years and saw police corruption there, but this is ridiculous. These poor people who need help and the police are in walmart looting!


Me Too! - September 2

I also agree with what you are all saying, except for the point made about these people choosing to stay, when they should've left. Unfortunately, the reality is many of those people could not afford to leave, or had no place to go if they wanted to! The resources were just not there for those that needed it. Where was the National Guard to help evacuate and provide a safe alternative for these people? They may have had ample opportunity to go, but that just wasn't a choice for most of them.


To: Me To - September 2

The national guard was probably at Walmart too.


Me Too! - September 2

LOL... you're probably right! I bet Mayor Nagin showed up there too!



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