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Lisa - November 11

Hiya there mate. (I have an Aussie friend Ally to..funny) Anyway! I am almost 24 weeks along now and this week has kind of sucked for me. How about you girl?


ally - November 11

hey lisa, my names not ally, hows that for a shock. My daughters name is alycia so thats where the ally comes from... Not long to go now for you when u think about it and if u ever want to know anything ask me cause i didn't know a d__n thing and i was too lazy to even go to prenatal cla__ses, how come ya week has sucked? My life hasn't changed, he still is not with us and i wrote him this letter, gave it to him and kinda feel stupid now, haha oh well u get that... He is coming to see alycia today, He is lost, he even threw out his soccer stuff and he loves his sport so christ knows whats going on....from what i have read ur husband sounds like a dream so be good to that man... anyhow today i am off to the shopping ctr then we wait for daddy to drop by.....who would have thought... write more soon and have a great fri nite there in us land, is it us land or canada? cause its sat here almost midday.... cya soon


Lisa - November 11

Well I'm Canadian, but living in South Korea; so it's Saturday morning here for me too. Are you in the western part? My husband is really good to me and he spoils me; I miss him right now. I'll be glad when he comes home on Wednesday! Don't feel stupid about the letter, you have a child with this man. I hope you have a great day and a great visit with he good with Alycia? Does he love seeing his daughter? My week has pretty much sucked between my husband gone all week, just me and my two schnauzers (they have taken his side of the bed now); let's see I also sneezed and peed my self, I got a bloody nose and my feet have started to swell at night.. glorious.


ally - November 12

hi lisa, to answer your questions yes he is good with her. He does love spending time with her and its funny cause the other day he was giving me a hug as he left, didn't want to let go then yesterday he seemed like such a ruthless heartless so and so. You know every excuse he uses that he left which are pathetic really cause u dont walk out on ya partner and 5 mth old daughter, anyhow to make himself feel better all his reasons are my fault , anyhow today i hate him cause we had this fabulous fun relationship and he is so weak he just uses the method of walking, anyhow enough of that, had to vent....where is ya husband right now? How do you like living in sth korea? Do you have many ppl over there to spend time with besides hubby? its funny u talk about peeing ya pants, when u are pushing out your baby when the time comes half the time when doing so i was saying i'm scared im gonna p__s myself haha, u also get scared ur gonna do the other as well cause you are pushing, yea its glorious eh... To make u feel better i would take ur swollen feet and blood nose anyday if we could swap situations and i mean that in the nicest way, not to mean harm for you but for me to be happier if u know what i answer ur question i am in melbourne victoria, where is ya aussie friend from? have a great sunday seeing we are on the same time, ally


Lisa - November 12

Hiya! My husband is about 4 hours away performing an audit on a company to present to the big boys in Houston. Fun. You know, I am worried about doing that on the table as well which is why my husband has strict orders to stay beside my head at all times, until it is time to cut the cord and by then it will be gone. I'm sorry you're having to go through that, men can be such odd creatures sometimes. I will never understand men and what makes them think the way they do and I've finally accepted that now. Took a while but I think I do...this is why I have two girl dogs. South Korea is great, I'm really enjoying living here. I've made some friends as well, some Korean women and some expats wives who work on the same project, so it's nice. I can't remember where exactly Ally is from, I know the Western part I believe. I'll have to ask her again when she gets back from Thailand. What problems have you been having all together?


Lisa - November 12

Ally, you don't need to be dealing with this. He really still lives like a teenager; 39 years old and still living with his mother. Come on. It's time to get real. You have every right to be angry, but don't let it eat you up inside. We'll take when you come back, you have to pack your troops. :)


ally - November 13

he dropped by b4 on his way to soccer, bought her some clothes, stayed a bit then went to soccer, clothes i dont mind cause it saves me buying them but if he does keep loading her up with toys as she gets older i will tell him not too cause i dont want her to see her dad for what she gets nor do i want to work 24/7 to have a civil child while it takes him ten mins to turn her into a spoilt brat, he has 2 kids that he lives around the corner from and doesn't bother with them only the fortnite he is meant too, why is he so obsessed with alycia that its almost daily... hopefully he wont be back tonite with the excuse of bathing her, i was proud of myself today. I was civil but not stupid cause i have sat there almost crying and asking how can this be the best decision and all this other pathetic c___p hah. So i am proud and i will be like him, cold fish cause he has really drained me of feeling much lately.... Had a nice day at my mums, she fed me so i am lucky there . How have u spent ur weekend? I have read u have step kids, how many and i see u get along with them. You are so lucky as he had 2 kids and to this day the bond was never huge, his son who is now 10 could easily say hi then say nothing the rest of the day and his daughter was better but it just wasnt 100 percent there unfortunately, they always were better if he wasnt around tho, tended to say more..... talk soon


Lisa - November 13

Glad you had a good trip to your mom's! I love when they feed you. I don't know what to tell you about him though; it seems like he wants Ally, but none of the responsibility of her. Just to be there for the good and fun times,,,you know, be the daddy who always shows us with gifts and stuff to try to make up for other things. I do have two stepsons and we do get along really good. They are very excited that they are going to have a little sister in the family; they will make great older brothers. One is 13 and the other is 15. Huge age difference between the time when my husband changed a diaper last...oh well, time to retrain!


ally - November 14

hey lisa, it gets worse as he came here at 1am drunk after soccer and when i mean it gets worse it really does, as he made some confessions to the point where although it happened a long time ago its well and truly over, i cried today and today was the worse day of my life to the point where i held his hand, cried and told him i am sad because there is no way around this, he even said he knows there is no way back in... so that is that and it is now where i get on with it as best i can now that i know there cant be anything together but i will stay friends with him for aj's sake as i see no need for courts cause we always got along and even can still now.. How are u and how have you been spending ur time? how are u feeling today pregnancy wise? Aj is in bed for the first time at 730 cause i didnt sleep much last nite and altho she is talking to her toys right now she will sleep soon and so can i haha, What are u going to name ur daughter, ever considered alycia jade or alicia jade haha, take care


Lisa - November 14

I'm sorry Ally you're having such an awful time; I can't even begin to imagine what he told you but from what you wrote it must have been truly heart wretching. Hug your baby girl and use her as your strength... today is good for me, I'm going for lunch with the girls. My Ally just got back from Thailand so we are going to meet over some food and talk about her trip and plan our next shopping trip to the mainland. I'm naming my baby girl "Rylee Eva (after my nana who just pa__sed away) Michelle."


ally - November 15

so how was lunch? thats a beautiful name u picked for your daughter by the way, i also thought of kayla and maybe tara...i really dont know how i care for aj being a basket case haha, also i dont know where i get my strength from and how i manage to get thru most days without a tear, i think its cause i know it has to end and by him not being in our lives there is lots of light at the end of the tunnel, the only thing that angers me is i have to care for aj, 24/7. i cant pa__s her over anymore in the evenings but as hard as it is this time next yr when she is running around it will be me taking her here there and everywhere and really enjoying it.....Any plans on moving back to canada, bet u dont miss the winters, well its 830 and im off to bed haha, i have too nowadays and besides if i sleep i dont think, cya soon



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