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Chelsey - September 21

Hi! Hope that you and Nadya are doing well, and that she is being a good girl for you! How do you like being a Mommy? - Finally!!! Not sure if you've posted your whole birthing experience, but I hope it wasn't too hard on you! Let us know when you've got some pictures of your precious girl! Take care of yourself! xoxoxoxoxo ( Will we see you over at Infant Care?)


Lissi - September 21

Hi Chelsey! I love being a mommy, but oh my god, it's HARD work! I thought people were exaggerating when they said a new baby takes up all your time, but it's hard to find time to even get washed and dressed or even go to the bathroom somethimes! I swear, if my parents weren't helping us out, we just wouldn't eat! This is the first time I've since coming home that I've had a chance to go online, and I have to go again in a second. I've had so many questions to ask you people over the last few days, but just never had time. LOTS of problems with feeding! Trying my hardest to b___st feed her, but it doesn't come as naturally as I thought. Today she had a rash and I was crying because I was afraid of menengitis (I've been very tearful) , but it looks like I'd just wrapped her up too warm, and she had heat rash. There's so much to worry about now! I'm actually really taken aback by just how much love I feel for my baby. If anything happened to her, I'd just want to die! She's so cuddly. I love those moments like just after her bath, when she's been screaming her head off (she hates being cleaned), and I wrap her up in a towel, hold her close and feed her, and she's all calm and content again. :) It's great being a mom, even though the worries are killing me! You know what else i love? Having that conection with my husband. Every time I look at him, I see her as well. It's brought us even closer. I will definitely be on the infant care forum, as soon as Nadya is in more of a routine, because I've realised I have a LOT to learn! Lol! Here's our site with Nadya's pics. Speak to you soon! xoxoxoxoxox


BBK ® © - September 21

Lissi, she's a beautiful little girl! Congrats! I love all that hair too!


Karen - September 21

Oh Lissi she is gorgous. I know what you mean about time for yourself. I have a little bouncer for him. When I go to bathe I place him in front of the bathroom door to watch him. I worry about everything and like you would die if anything happens to him. I love him more than anything else. I totally agree with the connection thing. Bf and I are closer now and he is a lot more affectionate. Love to type more but my litttle man is sleeping and I have to try and do the same as him. Cause I will be up 1 am with him later,. Congrats again


Karen - September 21

Oh yea Lissi I had problems with b___stfeeding too on the count that he came soo early. I now pump milk for him and give him both b___st and bottle. All b___st milk


Chelsey - September 21

Oh Lissi!!!!!! Nadya is so adorable! Look at all of her hair!!!!!!!! Gosh, she's sweet! (Her Mom's quite the looker too!) How much did she weigh when she was born? She's a nice healthy pink color! I know, b___stfeeding sucks! She may still the get the hang of it, and you too! I'm glad that you've got some help! I had my Mom help too for the first little while, eventually had to send her packing! She was just a bit too overwhelming at that time! You'll be surprised how fast you adjust to be being a new parent! I'm still learning everyday, something new! I'm very relieved to hear that Nadya only had a heat rash, and not Meningitis! Whew! Look forward to hearing more about sweet Nadya! Now go have yourself a Pimms! (Gin) :)


Lisa*9 - September 21

Well good looking baby must get her looks from her parents. Congradulation to the family


Lissi - September 22

Thanks. Everyone adores her. If I'm not careful, she's going to turn in to one very spoilt little girl! :) Chelsey, she weighed 7lbs 15oz. Not as huge as I feared. She still hurt like hell though!



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