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Chickadee - October 27

Hey! I just wanted to share this with everyone because it made me mad so I want to vent.... lol. I had a friend come with me the other day to scan baby items for my registry, while I was happily scanning she says, "Oh you can't scan socks,shoes or mittens for your baby or it will be born without hands and feet!" WHAT!? This was the stupidist thing I have ever heard and it really ticked me off considering my baby will be born in the middle of winter! So now I feel like I have to wait to buy any cute booties until after the baby comes, just because this has been said to me! And what p___sed me off even more was when I looked at her like she was crazy and told her who ever told her that was stupid, she said well scan some socks and we can see if it's true or not! What in the h__l! I really could care less about talking to this person ever again! What a psycho! Why would anyone in their right mind say something so harsh?


Mel - October 27

I think that that is very ignorant...but you might be taking it a little too seriously. at least she didnt say something like my best friend said to me a few months ago (i am 8 mon. pregnant now). My friend said "Would you be relieved if you had a miscarriage?". i was so p__sed off. she said this because my pregnancy wasnt exactly 'planned'. So tactless of the B*tch. But as far as what your friend said, that is the stupidest thing ive ever heard. why would you even listen to her and not scan the socks and shoes???


seriously? - October 27

Mel, I can see why you would be very upset! Chickadee, you are being stupid! Maybe it was an old wives tale she heard? Or a joke? What is so harsh about that? If you know what she said is stupid, why are you taking it so seriously? Do you really think that what she said holds any merit? By the way, make sure you dont tickle your baby when born, you dont want it to stutter!


Chickadee - October 27

I know how stupid and untrue her statement was, but I didn't want to scan these items because she was like haha scan them and we can see if it's true! I just said no thats alright I'm not going to test it out on MY baby! It's like when someone tells you any superst_tion, do you really want to test it out for yourself?


Chickadee - October 27

Okay, To: seriously have you bought socks for your unborn yet? HAHA lets test it out on YOUR baby! thats not too harsh is it?


? - October 27

..I think your friend don't know what she's saying. I had never herd that to be honest. I know how it must of pist you off 7 months and have'nt bought much that don't mean something will happen to the baby if I do buy stuff just don't listen to her or them people and to:Seriously how rude of your part go find something better to do..


rl - October 27

well it is not true my mom bought my little baby the cutest little booties and I have had several sonos now and my baby has his feet and everything else he is suppose to have.....and one other thing why are you getting so worked up over what seriously said I read her post and she did not seem to me like she was being rude she was just pointing out that you are being really silly about this whole thing which you really are I mean if you are out scanning things you want then I would think you would have had a sono and know your baby has his feet and hands or whatever so you need to grow up there hon your gonna be a mommy now and your gonna have to be the one to let your little kid know there are no monsters in the closet and stuff like that so you really are gonna have to stop falling for a bunch of c___p good luck anyways


karine - October 27

dont take it seriously, i have started buying socks and stuff like that from the moment i found out i was pregnant. iam now pregnant for the third time and i baught some more. dont listen to what your friend said


Lisa - October 27

Another old wives tale...I've bought socks, booties, a terry robe, a jacket and some that case my baby should have only a head...and my last ultrasound everything was accounted for. People say strange things sometimes, I would pay it no heed.


to Jessica - October 27

Its people like you, who keep an argument going. B___t out. Seriously and Chickadee obviously have a problem, none of your business. Besides, read a bit more carefully, and maybe you'll see why Seriously got rude. seriously answered to the origional post, chickadee didn't like what she said......and here we are. Grow up girls. Jessica, you do mean rude people like yourself as well, don't you?


Kimberley - October 27

Firstly to Chickadee........I understand where you are coming this was a friend, and she was taunting you, in a nasty way, I too would have been real peeved off. To seriously? What is wrong with you???.....Why do you have to be so nasty?...Read what you have written before hitting post...there is no need for it. It is sad, to read this forum, and every third message is one lady being rude to another.....shame shame shame :( We are all women......we have insecurities, and come here for support, not for someone to laugh at us or put us down... Lets move on, and stop this nastiness.


but really - October 27

This IS stupid. You probably shouldn't buy any books or bottles, then the baby would be a brainless mute. This is definitely some twilite zone shiot. Chickadee did over react and even bought into the madness by not putting those items on the registry. Someone should call her out on that, not coddling her.


Chickadee - October 27

Thanks to all the sweet women on here. I posted this because I knew it was a stupid thing for someone to say and I didn't really get why someone would say it to a pregnant women! I knew other pregnant women would see how this could kinda be upsetting! And yeah SERIOUSLY, there are forums for people like me and I am on it right now! And I would not waste my energy crying over some stupid cow like you, so wah-wah buh bye right back at ya!


...... - October 27

Ckickadee didnt like what seriously said....seriously was just trying to be realistic..and there are some overactive pregnancy hormones here!.....AND...I think Seriously has every right to be here...she has had 2 children and is useful to others with advice and experiences......there are alot of women like her here on this site........Chickadee..sweetie....I understand why you got upset....but it isnt anything major!..Hopefully you can forgive your friend for being so tasteless and all will be well......


....... - October 27 it is getting ugly!....Let's just drop all the bickering..I hate to come on to a post to help....and see have nothing to do with the fight...but I have been following along....and everyone seems to have their lets go back to giving advice ......that would be nice


........ - October 28

No one asked me...your right...I was just giving an opinion.....I guess I'll leave you all here to bicker childishly


to "........." - October 28

No need to leave, your one of the sanest people on this thread!



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