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lacy - September 14

I am pondering the idea. In yall's 'opinion', what would be a good salary if I offered the nanny a bedroom and bathroom, utilize, access to our phone/computer/tv and food. I would need her to baby sit about 40 hrs a week or slightly less. What do yall think would be an acceptible salary?


N - September 14

i think it would depend alot on where you live. One of my best friends is a nanny (not live in though, but she lives very close) and she's pretty expensive..


l - September 14



Lisa - September 14

I don't know really... probably 400 a week.


leslie - September 14

I have the same problem... I need a live in nanny but she wouldn't be working more than 40 hours, I want her to help out with baby and maybe some house work..but not all the time..just to have someone when needed I was thinking about 350 per week? I have been doing some research in my area and that is what I came up with..of course room, phone, food and all that included.. where do you live?


Lacy - September 14

That seems like so much for providing free rent...but in he same way I am not really surprised. I live in florence alabama.


Liz - September 14

Wow you all pay a lot! I live in the lower valley in Tx. and we pay about 120 to 150. That is live in clean, cook and laundry. They also get the room, phone and all that!


Kris - September 15

350-400/week seems like alot to me too! Maybe if it wasn't a live in nanny..but she is getting everything for free! she has like no bills to pay with that money or is all just money to b__w (almost..I'm sure she would have a few cheap bills like medical) Lacy, I would suggest doing some research in your State/Province and see what the going rate for a live in nanny is.


Julie - September 15

I think $10.00 an hour is just about right. Where I live they also want you to pay medical insurance for them as well.


lesile - September 15

Well I guess I can offer 250 but I don't really see anyone paying less than 300...that is why I would like to bring someone from my hometown in colorado..overtethere its much cheaper. Here in Miami everything is more expensive.


kb - September 15

you can get au pairs for $6.50 an hour. They are CPR certified as well and trained professionally to watch children. It's something to think about..


Lena - September 15

In my area - the San Francisco Bay Area, my friends are paying at least $1000 per week for a domestic aupair and $1500 for a German or Swedish aupair. Plus they provide room, board, 2 wks paid vacation a year, health insurance and access to a car. I've had friends try to pay or offer less and the au pairs just laugh and walk out.


$$$$ - September 15

To Lena- your friends must make a lot of money. How could anyone afford to pay that much for child care. I barely make $1500 a MONTH and I have a college degree! The west coast must be in a totally different league than the rest of the country!


J - September 15

I live in Ohio and it is pretty expensive here as well but not $1000.00 a week. If you get a professional nanny from a school that has formal training it could be around $400.00-700.00 a week live in and you have to pay medical benefits for them and that could be costly.


this site - September 15

check out Quality Live-in Childcare to the left of this screen. IT says au pairs for $7. I don't know where you people are gettting these EXPENSIVE nannies, but you can get it for a LOT cheaper!!


omg - September 15

at the prices most of you all are talking about I would think it would be cheaper to stay home with the baby yourself...I only make around 500.00 aweek myself!!


Kris - September 15

lol no kidding, some of these prices are crazy..maybe I should become a nanny? =P



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