Living With Smokers

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Scared for Baby - August 25

I'm currently living with my parents, who are both heavy smokers, and I am so scared about when the baby comes. I'm 36 weeks pregnant, and I've tried my best to stay away from them while they're smoking throughout my pregnancy. I stay upstairs in my room with the door shut, but I can smell it coming through the bottom of the door and the air vents.....and I have plug-ins all over my bedroom ( I know that it doesn't stop the smoke from coming in, it just covers the smell...a little) but everytime I go to the doctor, she says "you smell like smoke" and it's embarrassing, not only that, I'm conserned about the health of my baby. They've promised me that they will start smoking outside, and they did for about 3 days, but it didn't last. after almost 9 months of me never coming downstairs, they took the hint and they know that I'm up here in my room because of their smoking, and they don't seem to care. My mother thinks that since she actually smoked when she was pregnant with me, that it's no big deal...but it is to me........Anyways, my question is, I have nowhere else to go at this time, and I know my parents are not going to stop smoking, so is there any way that I can keep my baby safe from breathing in the smoke? like an air purifier or something? I cannot afford a nice expencive one, but will a cheap one even work for such a huge amount of smoke. I'm talking about 2 people that smoke about 3 packs a day between the two of them...seriously....I just do not want my baby to inhale that or die of SIDS or anything like that. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it.


Lisa*9 - August 25

Contact the lug a__sociation maybe they can give you some ideas.


chelsey - August 25

or you can try the lung a__sociation! They might know too! (sorry Lisa) lol!


Steph - August 25

Is there any possible way that you would be able to move out of your parents house? If not, I would tell them that it is non-negotiable and that they need to stop smoking in the house. It is horrible that they are that selfish and only thinking of their own addiction rather than the life of their new grandchild. You can also print off information regarding the hazards of smoking around infants and give that to your parents. If they respect you as a person and your child, they will smoke outside. Good Luck.


Colleen - August 25

You could try the air purifiers I don't know that they will do much good. Wal-mart has some, that I have used, but that was just to go next to my litter box. Steph it's difficult to tell someone else what they should be doing in their house, especially if you start out telling them it's non negotiable. Most people don't like being told what to do whether it's good for them or not. Scared you could try talking to them again. This time maybe give the literature as Steph suggested. It might help them to reconsider.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 25

If you are looking for really good air purifier then look on ebay. You can normally find things on there and you wont pay full price! Good luck! If nothing else, just try to get as much fresh air during the day as you possibly can.


C - August 25

I agree with Colleen. And it is not that easy to quit smoking. Most people know it's bad but to stop is something else. It's a good argument but some people form habits that is now a part of their lifestyle. Hopefully for you they will quit but it won't happen overnight even IF they would.


MM - August 25

Maybe ask your parents if they are willing to pay for part of the purifier concidering they are the reason you need one. Just ask them.


Steph - August 25

I agree Colleen...telling them it is not negotiable is kind of harsh, but I just don't understand why they would be that disrespectful to a baby....I have the same issue with people smoking in the car with just p__ses me off to no end...



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