Lmp 9 5 Days Ago No Heart Beat But Still Growing

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julie - August 21

my last period was on 28/5/04 dates 9.5 weeks pregnant.At 8 weeks slight spotting went to emergency va___al scan showed yolk sac no fetus,heartbeat .They told me to wait for 10 days and it would be repeated.As you can imagine this has been h__l for me and my husband.Well ,back today 9.5 weeks lmp ,fetus now seen, but no heartbeat suggesting i am only 5.5weeks ?I have now got to gho through another h__lish week before they decide what to do any stories like this?


SaRaH - August 4

GOD BLESS YOU!!!! All I can say is pray and give it to GOD! He will see yall through this!! GOD BLESS YOU!


Melissa - August 4

Sounds like you are not as far along as they think. Just hang in there, I would actually wait longer, like another 2-3 weeks before you go back. Did they check your HCG levels? If they did and they are normal your baby should be ok. Also, you can have you levels checked every two days, if they are going up your baby should be ok. I am against ultrasounds so early on because it is not uncommon to not see fetal poles or a heart beat. This happened with my first son and the doc wanted to do a D and C. Luckily, I did not listen to him and I went to a different doctor. My son was fine and I am thankful that I just hung there. Try to relax and not worry. If you are not showing any signs of miscarriage, like bleeding (not spotting) or cramping, than you should be fine. Twenty-five percent of pregnant women do have some spotting during the first trimester. It does not always mean you need to run to the ER. If I were you I would make sure to have a pelvic exam done to rule out any infections, get blood work done to check your pregnancy hormone levels, and skip the ultrasound. It often does more harm than good this early on. Good luck and try to relax.


unknown - August 4

sounds like your baby is dead.


Someone - August 4

This is for "Unknown", you need to stay off these message boards. Your comment was extremely inappropriate and I hope you can find it in your power to do something better with your time. Disgusting.


julie - August 21

This message is for Melissa and Sarah.Thank you for your thoughts,I just thought id update you .Iwent again for another scan they confirmed my worst fears the baby has died iwent in to have a medically managed miscarriage on the 14th August i had contractions until my baby had pa__sed it was awful.One week on and i feel that knowone understands my loss not even my husband.


Melissa - August 21

I am so sorry to hear that. Something obviously was not right with the baby. Will you try again? It is sooo hard to lose a child, no matter how young it is. I hope you can find comfort in someone, and maybe your husband is hurting in a different way and it is hard for him to express his emotions or be a support to you. Find someone to talk to. It is always good to have someone to cry with you and help you through this time. Hang in there and God Bless you!



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