Logan Or Ashton For Boy Honest Thoughts

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jean - July 1

I am having b/g twins SOON! The girls name will be Delaney, and she will be called Delaney and Laney as a nickname. DH and I can not decide if we should use Ashton or Logan. What do you HONESTLY think of those name? THANKS


Lynn - July 1

Personally I know too many Logans that are girls so I would go with Ashton although that name is overated in the news and on tv and all these days too.....just go with what makes you happy, you will know~gl2u


Shelly - July 1

I like Logan, but Ashton is nice too.A couple years from now nobody will know who Ashton Kutcher (/???????) is.


littlemrsb - July 1

I vote Logan... I really like that name. I have only known 1 person named Logan and he was a boy, so I guess it just depends on where you live. Good luck!


E - July 1

I LOVE Logan!!


kellie - July 1



JenniferB - July 1

Logan :0)


mechelle - July 1

i say ashton. for some reason logan reminds me of locus, but its cute if you still go with it.


melissa - July 1

I like Ashton better. You can shorten it too Ash. I think Logan is too common as well, but it may not be where you are from. Really they are both nice, i just like ashton better


jean - July 1

Melissa, do you live in the south. Someone told me Logan is very common in the south and Ashton is also. I live in the Northeast. I have never heard of another Ashton and very very few Logan's. Its interesting to me how names are so geographical.


P - July 2

I love the name Logan but it is very trendy right now and I'm all about the.... un-trendy? lol But it does sound good with Delaney to me. Don't really like the name Ashton.


Lynn - July 2

To Shelly: You think no one will know who Ashton Kutcher is a few years from now, I wouldnt hold my breath, when my daughter was born in "96" I named her Brittany and let me tell you that name has been so overated since then,so you never can tell these are things one has to seriously consider when naming their child~


Jessie V - July 2

My husband and I have chosen Charles Logan for a boy. We are going to use Logan because Charles is my husband and father-in-law's name.


Logan - July 2

I say Logan, I really like that name. Ashton reminds me too much of Aston Kutcher.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 2

If I have to pick one, i'd say Ashton. Ashton sounds like the name of a very successful man. A nice solid, strong name. Logan just doesn't do it for me. Logan sounds like a cute name for a kid. But, you know what they say about opinions.... However, I love the name Delaney! What a cute, and not so common name. No matter what you name your children, you'll never please everyone, so make sure you please yourself. How lucky you are to be having boy/girl twins. Count your blessings. :o)


Heather - July 2

I say Logan all the way.....Ashton is a bit difficult to pronounce. Your son will have a hard time saying his own name and you don't want that!! Congrats on the twins!!


cindy - July 2




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