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karine - August 6

I dont want to look stupid...but Hispanic....what country is that from??? i started babysitting a little girl..and she is 1/2 hispanic and 1/2swiss.... thanks


Panic over where his from - August 6

usually mexico but it could be one of very many including central america and south america ie guatemala , cuba , el salvador , honduras , united states, but unlikely spain


leslie - August 6

1. Of or relating to Spain or Spanish-speaking Latin America. 2. Of or relating to a Spanish-speaking people or culture.


hi karine - August 6

i "hear" where you're coming from. ;o) although i am baffled as to why spain would be an unlikely inclusion but the usa is included. - August 6

Maybe this will help -- and I too wonder why "unlikely spain" was an answer.


I'm White - August 6

Spain is Spanish Hispanic is of Spanish decent and the US borders Mexico and has an immigration level second to none with Hispanic people . Hispanic people and African American people are the number one resource and labor resource which has made the US the worlds ultimate economic success story so I would have to say they are responsible for upholding the american dream


Panic over where his from - August 6

...although since it is an LOL question , The child is probably the fathers panic over having the child you are sitting .


I'm White - August 6

.... and of course I'm white .... who else would give such an answer .


to:panic where is from - August 6

iam not paniking from where the child is...i just like different culutres..and i was just curious that's all.


E - August 6

This encompa__ses just about every Spanish-speaking country. The "especially" added at the end is due to the higher number of immigrants in the US from PR, Cuba, and Mexico, when compared to other Spanish-speaking countries. It was not meant to preclude other countries for other reasons. -------- of, relating to, or being a person of Latin American descent living in the U.S.; especially : one of Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican origin


Eurowoman - August 6

If both parents came from Europe-- then most likely the half is either Spanish or Portuguese.


To KARINE - August 6

of course you're not panicing as to where the child is from and neither am I Just a little lol back at you ... like just a name ! kinda like L dot O dot L and liking different cultures GOOD so do I


Karine - August 6



to -Panic over where his from - August 6

you are so hard to understand. try writing more coherently. it would help the readers so much.


Panic over where his from LOL - August 6

Karine - to have raised the question she must be a charming little girl so I'm going to take a wild guess at where she is from ..... I would say one european father who moved to central america met someone there but somehow has an american citizenship .... let us know .


Ranya - August 7

His-panic, hence "his panick", not you panicking Karine :)


scratchin' head - August 7

are there some posts missing?



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