Looking For Cycle Buddies

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Rekcus - February 9

Hi. I'm currenlty TTC. I've been ttc for a month now and I'm very impatient to get pregnant. My hubby just recently decided that he was ready to have a baby. I'm 26 and looking for a cycle buddy to share and talk about this journey with. I'm ovulating on Feb 21, so I have a little ways to go yet. Anyone in the same boat??


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 9

I'm not in the same boat but I am pregnant, but I did want to say I hope everything goes well with you and hubby TTC...its really exciting and enjoy the process ; )


Rekcus - February 9

Thanks!! I'm a little stressed out about it and hoping to talk to someone who is going through it as well.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 9

Yeah I understand...my sister tried for about a year and never had a successful pregnancy until now. But once you get the positive and then hold your baby the wait is well worth it


tryin44 - February 9

I just ovulated two days ago I believe. I will be (NOT) expecting AF on the 23-24 of Feb. Good luck!


Firepoppy - February 12

HI, I'm also TTC and I agree with you I'm getting a little impatient too, my problem is that after I went off the pill back in November 06 my period is no longer 28 days now my period comes 4 to 5 days later, I'm about to purchase some ovulation kits to help me figure out when I'm ovulating. s of today my period is 6 days late and I'm still waiting a bit before I do a test because I know stress can cause delays. hope everythings is going well with you.


rj_80 - February 13

Hey. I'm in the same boat! I'm 26 and just in my 2nd month of TTC. Can't believe I finally get to write that! According to my OPK today was the day so I'm hoping that in 14 days time I'll have good news! Hehe! Just for good measure will be trying again tomorrow too! Like you me and DH are impatiant and were quite miffed that it didn't work first time! Oh well... more fun trying out new things I guess!


georgiad - February 13

Rekcus, I'm stressing with you! This is our second month trying and I'm hoping its the last. I'm 30 and working on starting my family. I ovulated on the 11th and now wating for the 21st to test. Good luck! Hope we both have a positive month!


daisymaye - February 27

Rekcus, I'm also 26 and just beginning the journey of ttc. I ovulated around the 22 of February so we'll see where the road takes us from here! I have already had spotting this morning...? Not expecting to get AF for another week... Hope to hear of your progress soon!


BeccaBaby1 - February 28

Hi Rekcus and all. I'm also 26 and this is month 4 but cycle 2 (stupid cycles) of TTC. I haven't sorted out my O days yet but I just started charting and as soon as I get my bootie to the store I'll pick up a thermometer and start temping. Baby dust to all!



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