Looking For The Girl

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LaLa - May 12

Hi! I have had 2 miscarriages and have 2 healthy boys. My first pregnancy ended with a misc. and then I had my first child(a healthy boy); then got preg. again and had another misc. and then got preg. again and had my youngest son. Does any one know if there is such a thing of women not being able to have girls? I worry that both miscarriages I have had might have been girls. Is this silly of me to think?


tinky winky!! - May 12

no its just down to luck!


Karen - May 12

Sweetie unfortunately it is not up to us whether we get a girl or not. The male carries both s_x genes (X and Y) women only carry the (X). Only one sperm can go into an egg so if the Y make it first its a boy, if the X make it its a girl. Some resereachers tend to beleive that the Y's are faster than the X's. So like tinky winky said it is down to luck and who are the fastest swimmers LOL . Good luck


Maleficent - May 13

have you ever heard of the "shettles method"? we used it when we were trying for our second baby. we both wanted a girl but would have welcomed a boy as well. it was just kind of fun to see if we could "make" a girl. low and behold it worked. dr. shettles has a book called "how to choose the s_x of your baby" give it a look.


Kim - May 13

I have 2 boys and am pregnant with my third child but by another maker and Im praying this is a girl!


LaLa - May 13

Good luck Kim! I hope it's the girl for you :o).


Jodie - May 13

While it is the males sperm that determines the childs gender, ive read that some womens v____al mucous can kill off certain s_x sperm


LaLa - May 19

does anyone know more about what Jodie mentioned about women's v____al mucus that can kill certain s_x sperm??? this is what I worry about.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 19

I don't think it is silly at all. I used to think the same thing wa happending in my mothers' family with boys. My gransmother, mother, and aunt all lost babies that were boys. My gransmother had two daughers my mother had two daughters and my aunt had one daugher. I thought, I am doomed. But then my cousin had a son and I had a son. So I guess my theory didn't stick. GL.


hi - May 19

i have two boys and a girl. i'm now pg again. my two boys r with my ex. my husband has a daughter with his first wife and our daughter. so he wants a son. we had two m/c last year. they were too early on to tell if they were boys or girls. i'd love to give him a son. although if i have another daughter i wouldn't mind at all.


Maleficent - May 19

the theory on cervial mucus is that one type of sperm fairs better in alkaline C/M and the other in acidic C/M. i forget which is which tho. get the book, it worked for us.


pagie - July 13

well sweetie I have had about 15 kids all alive but I put them in a adoption agency I am not married but mabye you should see a doctor ya and poor luck



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