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Walnut - January 12

Has anyone experienced lopsided br___ts during pregnancy? I have heard of this while br___tfeeding but not during a pregnancy. One is a D and the other a C. Also, will they go back to being equal in size like they where before? I don't plan on br___tfeeding so this won't help even them out. I don't care if they are pancakes after or the same size (32B) as long as they are both the same size of pancakes!


TCB - January 12

WOW someone finally has this too! I really cant stand it. It makes it so hard to wear a good bra


izzy1052 - January 13

well.. i always heard that all women really have dif. size b___sts just not noticeable.. maybe one is just filling up with milk faster than the other?? im not sure... my b___bs are just growing and growing but their even.. lol.... so i dont know hun... just hope they dont get up to E like mine sheesh... talk about back pain and sore ribs


ChaycesMom - January 13

Your b___sts are naturally not the same size. Some you cant tell the difference in though, but they are always different sizes. The smaller one is usually your more dominant side. Unfortunately, I have different sized ones, ones a d ones a c, they have always been like that, so being pregnant really hasnt changed them much at all. I agree with izzy though, maybe one side is just filling up faster, but I beleive they will go back to their original state after delivery.


Walnut - January 14

Thanks for your posts ladies. It's nice to here there is someone else out there also experiencing this. My b___sts before becoming pregnant were slightly different sizes one was a regular B and the other a fuller B but nothing like this. It is very obvious and noticeable now (a good inch all they way around the b___st difference). I am really wondering if anyone has experienced this with a previous pregnancy and whether or not my b___sts will go back to a more even and not so noticeable difference as this is just so not cute! I don't expect much to return to the way it was before but come on this one is a bit over the top.



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