Losing Symptoms Please Help

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Dani - October 25

Hi everyone! I just found out on Friday that I am 4 weeks pregnant. My br___ts for the last week or so have been really sore, I have felt dizzy and had headaches. Last night I went to lay down for bed and my br___ts werent sore, I am not bleeding or cramping or anything like that - It goes off and on (sore - not sore - sore) Has anyone ever had this or is this a sign of miscarriage? I never thought I would WANT the discomforts of pregnancy!! I am so scared to lose this baby - please help me.


Dani - October 25

Can someone please help me? I am really scared>


MeM - October 25

I had sore b___sts until about week 7 then came back around week 14. I dont' have many symptoms so I too wanted the discomforts of pregnancy to insure everything is ok...but now i"m 16 weeks and I consider myself lucky. You are still early in the pregnancy, just take care of yourself and don't worry!! I worried so much also and it doens't help the matter. Just focus on eating right and staying active... You'll be fine!


Charlene - October 25

I too had symptoms that came and went, especially sore b___sts. It would almost seem like i squished the soreness out of them when I slept at night ( I am a tumy sleeper), but they would come back in a few days and the cycle continued - on and off pain. Try not to worry - a real hard thing especially in trimester 1.


Dani - October 25

Thank you all so much. I think I am driving myself crazy!!! Good luck to all of you!


M.A. - October 25

Same thing has happened to me. Everything's fine.


Toni - October 25

Dani I can relate. I am 5 weeks and I freak if anything changes. Do you have a sono soon? I go on Friday.


Dani - October 25

They did an ultrasound yesterday just to make sure the baby was in my uterus and all that was there was a pea sized black spot which the doctor said was the fluid. That's about all we saw. He wants me back in 1 month for another ultrasound and by then he said we should have a heartbeat and a fetal pole.


Lisa - October 25

Awww....that little dot is your baby! So cute! I have a picture of my little dot too when she was 5 weeks old. I have one every 4 weeks after that and it's amazing the growth! You will be so amazed! How exciting for you!


Dani - October 26

Thank you guys!! I feel better! One more question - did anyone have light cramping/a weird kinda sharp pain in the uterus? I know that sounds weird but that's the best I can explain it!! It's really weird. Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!!


Lumina - October 26

I have had some mild cramping and I am 10 weeks pregnant now. It just feels like I am about to get my period, so I think it is just my uterus stretching. I too feet like my symptoms are somewhat dissapearing. My nipples are usually pretty sore, and they just don't seem to hurt anymore. Anyone know if this is normal? I have not had ANY bleeding what-so-ever though, and I really think I would know now if something happened since the baby is about an inch now, right?


marie - October 26

right now i'm 8 months pregnant and i was really scaried like you too. its normal for your breats to be sore sometimes an other times not. your just having morning sickness,it can happen anytime of the day so it should be called anyday sickness. its normal what your experiecing, so stick in there you'll be ok....


Dani - October 26

Thank you Marie! I will hang in there this is so crazy! I think mabee I'm hypersensitive now - I notice every little twinge/cramp/pain. Lumina I'm sure your baby is ok! Sorry I don't have any advice for you! We can go through it together!!!!


Lisa - To Dani - October 26

Slight cramping is normal throughout your whole pregnancy as your uterus is growing and stretching and your body is making room for the little one. I'm in my 21st week and I still get it off and on.



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