Losing Weight But Look Bigger

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Jami - October 12

i'm 12 weeks and since i have found out i was pregnant, i weight about 8lbs lighter than i did before i was pregnant. However, my stomach is starting to stick out and round out at the bottom. I've been very lucky to not have any morning sickness, so that wouldn't be why i am losing weight. im just wondering if this has happened with anyone else, or if this is a normal thing? im not scared about it, just a little curious.. could it be from not eating or drinking enough? any advice would be great :) thnx


Lisa - October 12

Are you eating and drinking enough? My first 12 weeks I did not put on any weight; but I was not losing weight either. If you're not getting any morning sickness then you must not be eating enough; unless there is something medically wrong.


M.A. - October 12

I never threw up, and I'm 17 week already. I've also lost weight since being preg. And I'm definatley eating enough! You should be fine, but talk to your doctor about it just to be safe.


Ashley - October 12

I'm 18 Weeks and I haven't had morning sickness, not everyone does. Be very thankful! I've lost weight.. my stomach is also pretty big and I have ugly stretch marks! I might be having Twins though. Yay!


karen - October 12

Jami, I am sort of in the same boat. I have not lost weight though. I am 12 weeks also, and my pants are too tight, so I know my stomach is bigger. However, my weight has stayed the same. I attribute it to bloating and gas. I have been pretty ga__sy, and it seems to make my stomach a little more bloated. Maybe you have the same issue?


~michelle~ - October 12

Jami, not sure about the weight loss issue. But your stomach will expand regardless of your weight. It is from bloating and stretching. Your uterus is expanding to make room for baby, so the pooch will be there no matter what the weight issues. Just make sure to eat and drink enough. If you are eating less, that's not a good idea right now. You have to keep yourself nourished for the sake of you both. You should talk to your doc about this. Good luck! :o)


h - October 12

I know the feeling, I'd lost a total of 30 lbs in my pregnancy. At 6 months, I had finally put on 4 lbs. I started showing though by 3 months (a little) now at just over 6 months, I really look pregnant, and I'm still 25 lbs less than I was when I got pregnant. Me and baby are doing great according to Dr!!!



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