Losing Weight During Pregnancy

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Emma - January 28

Hi all I'm 16 weeks pregnant and yesterday I went to the midwife to have my blood tests. Although she listened to my baby's heartbeat and that was fine, she implied that I'd not put much weight on and in fact when I weighed myself I'd lost a couple of kilograms. This may be due to the fact that I've not been the gym much and have lost weight in the form of muscle (which weighs more than fat). However, I don't have a bump at all really and am worried that this may indicate a very small baby which isn't perhaps growing properley. Am I just being paranoid since I'm still early on in my pregnancy or should I insist on having an ultrasound just to reassure myself? Thanks!


Kelli - January 28

If this is your first pregnancy, you may not really start showing for longer than those who have had children before. It sounds like you probably had pretty good abs before getting pregnant (if you went to the gym a lot), and your abs can keep a growing uterus in check a little longer than people with flabby bellies (like me! ). PLus, in the first trimester, you can actually lose weight due to nausea, so it may be taking you a while to catch up is all. Howver, i don't think there's anything wrong with expressing your concerns with your doctor and asking if you can have an ultrasound.


Emma - January 28

Kelli Thanks for your advice. I think you're right - it is my first baby and I probably will start showing more towards the end of my pregnancy. I didn't have any morning sickness throughout my first trimester but I have been eating less in general which may explain the weight loss. Think I will ask for an ultrasound anyway just to put my mind at rest! I'm such a worrier!


To Emma - January 28

Hi Emma! Congrats on your pregnancy! About the showing, I agree with Kelli....since this is your first you may not show right away. My cousin was in really good shape before she got pregnant with her first and when she was 8 months she barely looked 6 months but the baby was born at around 6 lbs soi I wouldn't get too stressed. As for me I was all the way in my 5th month and didn't gain but 5 lbs and that was fluctuating. I would however ask for the u/s that way you can ease your mind and get to see your baby :o) You may even be able to tell what the s_x is. BTW, you are not being a worrier, your being a mommy. Good luck and keep us posted.



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