Losing Weight Gaining Belly

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nhb - April 6

I have confirmed pregnancy yesterday afternoon--guessing 6-8 weeks by uterus-size only, no ultrasound until Monday. But when they weighed me in, I have lost almost 6 pounds since prepregnancy weight, yet my belly is sticking out already! Does this sound normal/anyone else have this going on? It's so strange, I fully expected to weigh MORE than I had prepregnancy. I don't understand it, how I can lose weight, but gain these extra inches. Any advise/stories would be welcome :o) Thanks for your time!


grandma - April 6

dont worry about loosen that weight. you have many months to go honey to be worrie about.


C - April 6

Before I found out that I was pregnant I lost a lot of weight and then when I found out that I was Prego I couldn’t keep anything down when I went to my doctors visit they always asked me do you eat could I would not gain weight …but that was due to all the morning sickness but after a while it was putting on those pounds and its normal


Meadra - April 7

I'm at 12 weeks now and still trying to gain back the weight I lost during the first 2 months! Morning sickness....My doctor told me that you won't gain any weight from the baby until you're at least 14-20 weeks. The weight gain in the beginning is your increased blood volume. Your blood volume will increase by 50% (!) for this baby. As for your belly stickin' out already, either you were very skinny to begin with or its just bowel distension. My gut was protruding at 4 weeks because of it! So, if it is bowel distension, those extra inches are just gas. Don't worry about your weight! Just try to eat as healthy as you can!


kenya mama - April 7

It is quite normal to lose weight in the first trimester. Your body is undergoing so many changes. I wouldn't count on the weight loss happening for too many more months! :). As long as you are eating healthy and doing what is best for the baby, don't look at the numbers on the scale.


nhb - April 8

Well, I wasn't altogether skinny at the beginning (5'9", 145-148 lbs)--but I can distinctly feel the uterus . . . I can feel where it starts right above my "pubic bone" (how gross does that sound!), and it feels like it just goes on up to a few inches below my belly b___ton. I have an u/s on Monday though, so I'll know then how far along I am for sure . . . thanks for the help though!


Deb - April 8

I am 15 weeks and between 2 and 3 month visit I lost 9 lbs. Doc said that's okay this early but you shouldn't keep losing weight. Between 3 and 4 months I didn't gain or lose anything but I understand that in the next couple weeks I will prob. start gaining a little at a time. You really don't have to worry until your in your 2nd trimster about weight (for most of us). Then you just need to becareful not to overgain. Good luck.



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