Loss Of Pregnancy Symptoms A Problem Please Help

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LauraK - October 19

Hello, I just found out that I'm pregnant exactly a week ago. I am 4 weeks, 3 days. I was having minor symptoms such as, fatigue, heartburn, increased cm, and nausea at night. Now all of the sudden I don't "feel" pregnant at all. I know it is VERY early but I recently suffered a miscarriage in June and am so terrified of having another one. I lost my pregnancy symptoms with that one, so I am worried. I still have slight heartburn after I eat and a little bit of nausea when I go to bed and my nipples are sore but my br___ts are not. Should I be concerned??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Malica - October 21

Some women experience symptoms that come and go, but it would be best to go see your doctor and get a professional opinion.


buffy2297 - October 25

Laura K, I'm in exactly the same boat I'm now 4 weeks and 3 days and I to have no symptoms. I am tired, but a 21 month old daughter that keeps me on my toes, I'm urinating alot but on health kick and trying to drink lots of water, bowels are sluggish. No nausea, b___bs were sore but feel fine now got lots of CM but nothing that makes me feel pregnant. I don't recall whether I had any symptoms this early on with my daugther.I guess it's just a waiting game. You're not alone perhaps it's just to early. You must be 5 weeks now so how are you feeling any symptoms to report?? All going well I'll let my midwife know on Monday guess I'll then get an appointment at 8 weeks and then we only fill in paperwork. Keep us updated.


Tiffany814 - October 29

Hi girls, I just found out I'm pregnant too. We estimate I'm about 4 weeks, but won't know for sure until I have an US in a week or two. I started out feeling very bloated, tired, minor cramping, back pain, increased CM and saliva...I too am chasing around a 22 month old so no wonder why I'm tired. But this week I don't really feel much of anything. My b___bs are still somewhat sore but only when I push on them...I really don't have many symps at all and I get worried too. Don't worry though because this is normal. I remember when I was pregnant w/ my son the same thing happened early on. Some days you feel pregnant and some days you don't. So please don't worry, I'm sure everything is fine. You'll feel better when you get your US, as will I. Try not to worry too much, hang in there and try to enjoy these early stages of pregnancy! Good luck and congratulations!!



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