Loss Of Symptoms But Not Missed Miscarriage

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Jess - July 20

Just wondering if anyone has ever lost all of their pregnancy symptoms early on and had things turn out fine. I am 8w3d and saw my doctor for the first prenatal appointment yesterday. When I was first pregnant I had extremely tender br___ts, extremely tired, and some nausea. At about 6 and 1/2 weeks those all disappeared. My doctor is sending me for an ultrasound, but of course I have to wait 2 weeks to get in. I am so anxious and scared, two weeks seems so far away. Could this be normal? Has anyone else gone through this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening, this site has been a lifesaver over the past month.


Heidi - July 20

I wouldn't worry. I didn't even get an ultrasound until 20 wks. Some women don't have symptoms as long as others or as severe. I was always nauseated but never threw up and I didn't worry about it. Did they listen for the heartbeat? Might be too early. I wouldn't panic.


Christy - July 20

Why do you have to wait 2 weeks for an ultrasound? It seems to much to even wait a day. Have you been seeing this doctor long? Ask about going somewhere else for the ultrasound or go to the ER. 2 weeks of stress is too much for you and baby both. Good luck.


Lindsay - July 20

I am 18 weeks and i had pretty much every symptom out there there up until about 12 weeks and then one day i woke up and felt like the old me and felt like i wasnt pregnant so i called my doc. and got an appointment and everything was fine...then one day the symptoms were back as quickly as they left...but if u r really worried i'd check with ur doc. about a sooner ultrasound or if they gave u a paper call the place urself and try resceduling...good luck and dont stress!


Jess - July 20

Thank you for your answers. Heidi, they did not listen for the heartbeat. I was kind of surprised and disappointed. Christy, two weeks was the earliest that I could get in, as frustrating as that is. I do have the paper and phoned every xray place I could find and that was the best. The last one I called was booking for Aug 31st. I thought about going to the er, but am not sure if its an emergency. Anyways, thanks again for your answers, nice to have this support.


Amy - July 20

OMG you sound 100% like me.......I am 8 weeks on friday and had tremendous sickness until about 6 weeks and then I thought I wasnt pregnant anymore.. I didnt have any sickness or anything and well now that I'm 8 weeks I feel the sickness agian.... I say it will come back or you are just lucky it's ok sweety as long as your not in pain or bleeding you should be fine.....


Jess - July 21

Thanks again for all your replies. I am counting down the days till my ultrasound. Last night I had some pretty bad pains in my stomach that lasted till this morning. All seems fine down there now, execpt of course the anxiety. Trying so hard to be positive, but I am a worry by nature, its what I do best. :) So now I just need to what and see. I'll keep you guys updated.


Jess - July 23

Well, only 10 more days till my ultrasound. Getting more and more anxious as time goes on. I seem to have lost every symptom I had. I am no longer hungry like I was and also don't need to use the washroom every 30 minutes like I was. Has anyone else gone through this and ended in a healthy pregnancy?



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