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lou - April 1

Hey guys. I just had to post this. I come here from time to time and there are some genuine, decent people I enoy chatting to but I have to say after reading some of the posts today I dont think I will be coming here again. The amount of stupid irresponsible people in this world messing with their bodies and the lives of innocent babies disgusts me. I find some of the posts so offensive I can't even tell you. Anyway, to all the "good" people I wish you all the best. If you want to chat you can find me at all the big pg forums, uk and american. Take care. Lou


??? - April 1

y do people feel the need to post they are not coming back--just don't come back.


D - April 1

I don't know how to describe my feelings about some of the things people do... I feel a sick inside sometimes... but I think that if they came here in the first place to ask questions, deep down inside a part of them cares - if I can encourage that part of them, I will! I stay around here because some of the people here have really helped my sanity when things seem like they are going wrong, and I hope I can return the favor by supporting someone else with my experiences. I'm sorry you find it so disturbing...I hope you'll experience what you need on those other forums. What disturbs me most is all the people out there who don't care enough to try to do what is right at all. Good luck!


lou - April 1

you obviously have no people here you chat to. whats your name again?....??? idiot


lou - April 1

cool D. You obviously have the patience of a saint lol


D - April 1

Nah! I'm really a pretty impatient person. Lately, I've been grumpy too. I can get worked up pretty easy... it just depends on the topic. Ignorance bugs me, but getting upset doesn't educate anyone. The times when people here get to me most is when they just can't let a sour subject drop, and those goofy kids who ask questions just to see what we'll all say. I can just picture them in the computer lab laughing at the newest crazy question they came up with!


STOP IT!!!!!!!!! - April 1

lou, you are the one that posted in the abortion thread right? you can't denie it! well for you to be able to be in any forum YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO RESPECT OTHER PEOPLES DECITIONS AND POINTS OF VIEWS that is why you are offended because not everyone agreed with you when the girl had an abortion..and how can you say people here right "STUPID" COMMENTS when you to begin with are using bad words...please stop acting like a victim..people like you are the ones that start this bad threads...so bye and I hope that when you go to ANOTHER BIG FORUM you respect other pregnant girls' decitions...


JLorenzo - April 1

I think for the majority people come here to get/give advice or to b__w off steam. I know I have posted a number of topics just to relieve my nerves on my wife's pregnancy or to get a women's perspective on a topic. Not everyone is well intentioned and while that is unfortunate, it shouldn't be taken too seriously. I may say some silly things or share a crazy experience and I have come to understand not everyone will understand or even care. But to those who do and respond with advice or a laugh, I appreciate it.


lou - April 1

"Stop it" I didnt post on the abortion subject. I feel too strongly about it to share my opinion. Its a shame that people like you spoil this forum for the rest of us. I have read several of your posts and you seem very young and inexperienced. I hope you use birth control. To all the others who posted I agree with all of you. I am 5 weeks pg and am not being upset by some kids playing with the internet. lol I'm done :)


stop it - April 1

lou, listen I am mature enough to not want to get in fight in a forum..I just want to try to undertand why if you don't like all this mean threads why are u using bad words?? I don't understand...I have used them but that was only once and because someone got on my nerves...the least I want to do is fight..so just tell me why should we use bad words when we want peace...


this is for STOP IT!!! - April 1

congrats lou on being pregnant,and to stop it that was me that annoyed you(when all i done was express an opinion which is what people do on these forums) so dont go accusing lou for something she hasnt done,i think you owe her an apology now coz she didnt deserve that abuse.


to lou - April 1

I just think that you are a little way to dramatic... take a chill pill and relax! So, you don't agree with other people's opinions and decsions - big deal! No need to get all dramatic about it!!!!!


lou - April 15

Thank you to the person that congratulated me on being pregnant. I wanted to let you know that I have been in contact with the editor of this website and they are taking measures to introduce a forum which is similar to other websites where you have to register to post. The editor asked us to use the poor taste b___ton when we are offended to stop posts that are disturbing to us.


FGS! - April 15

See ya! Don't wanna be ya!


- - April 15

Lou, it has been two weeks since you said you wouldn't be coming here again.


Lynn - April 15

To Lou, I a understand where you are coming from. It's not your opinion on these people doing things that they should be doing.. it's medically proven that what some people do is wrong & not safe for their babies. I ahve noticed several posts where the wrong infomation was posted & then I've been snipped at for saying that the info was wrong & this is the right info... I would just hate to see someone come here for advice and get bad advice & end up hurting their baby & regretting it that's all. I don't have anything against other people on this site & if they've done something & it worked for them great, but if it has been medically proven to be unsafe, i'm going to say that. Sorry if anyone gets upset. What are some of the other pg forums you are talking about?


lou - April 15

Hi Lynn. I totally agree with you. I don't want to post details of the other forums I use here because to be honest there are some people here that I wouldn't want to see using them. (FGS! being a good example). If you want to find other forums where you can chat and discuss issues with people who actually rspect eachother then just type pregnancy forums into google. You would never find some of the comments on this website in the forums I go to. It's disgusting and hopefully will be stopped soon according to the editor.



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