Loud Noises Concerts

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Jen Jen - June 6

I read somewhere that loud noises could be detrimental. I'm only one month along so I want to be very careful. My husband and I have tickets to several rock concerts this summer and also own a Harley. Shall I opt out of attending the shows and riding the motorcycle?


Steph - June 6

I went to the drag races two days before my daughter was born and went to one outside concert. I never asked my doctor about the loud noises being detrimental....good question. Anyone know?


t - June 6

i went to a couple concerts i one at 8 months and i sat right by the speaker when was preganat and my daughter hears fine. well she is 2 so as good as a 2 year olds hears or should i say listens


KareBare - June 6

I was actually wondering about this topic the other day. I do not know for sure yet if I am pregnant or not, but my favorite band is doing a concert in the fall, and I should be around 4 or 5 months then.....I want to go to the concert, but I was unsure if it would be harmful to my unborn child. Any info on this would definetly be appreciated. Thanks. :)


BBK - June 7

Let's see.... if ear-damage can be related to such exposure to noise isn't clear. For premature humans 75dB is know as a limit to prevent damage to the 'quiver-hair epithelium', thus to the hearing. Baby can hear, but the amniotic fluid may muffle quite a bit of the noise. BUT, some non scientific studies in Europe indicate that loud noices from house parties and concerts caused fetal lasting cardiac rhythm accelerations. These effects are know as 'pathological stress patterns'. In other words, while the hearing maybe protected by the amniotic fluid etc. the baby may be in distress because of the vibrations and unusual noice. As a first hand experience, I know our baby moved very erratically and kicked my wife's ribs just because she was frying the other day. She kicked my wife's ribs to the point of sharp pain. As always besides scientific studies, common sense has to be used.


jen - June 7

hi..last year when I was about five months along me and my husband went to see pa__sion of the christ and the theatre was packed so we had to sit towards the front end by a speaker, during one of the fight signs it got really loud and the baby went nuts, started twisting a kicking-I had to get up a leave until he calmed down. I don't think it caused any problems-he's healthy-but I do think it can frighten them.


E - June 7

A fetus cannot hear until ~ 22 weeks from LMP. Plain and simple. If you are anything less than that, you have nothing to worry about, sound wise. As for the Harley, personally, I wouldn't get on a motorcycle for anything. They scare the c___p out of me. I have no advice for you on that issue.


Mary - June 7

Your sense of balance changes as you get more preggers. it is recommended not to ride a bicycle during pregnancy due to the above. I am not sure riding a bike with hubby having "faulty" balance would be the best idea in the world for you guys. Better be safe!


Jen Jen - June 7

Thanks for all of your helpful input and advice. It seems that has been a source of confusion for many! Sounds like we'll keep the Harley in the garage this summer! ( :


Tigerphoenix - June 8

I never even thought about the loud noises effecting the unborn. My husband plays the drums and I play the guitar and ba__s. I know I can control how loud my instuments get but he can't (unless I can finally get him to use those muffle heads I got for him). We also were planning to go to some rock concerts in the summer. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Jen Jen - June 8

I never thought about this either until I read in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" that you should avoid loid noises and rock concerts. I hope this isn't true! I'm planning on asking my doctor.


E - June 8

Jen Jen - ask you doctor. That book was not written by the most intelligent women. I also have it and found it to be vague, mistake ridden, and uninformative when compared to other books that offer a more detailed approach for pregnancy issues. I know there are women that LOVE this book, and will freak out on me for dissing their bible.


Jen Jen - June 8

That's funny, E. I wouldn't worry - I think that anyone that clicked on this thread has a pretty open mind!


E - June 8

You would be suprised... I have been here for 9 months, and have seen a lot of hormones fire, including my own. LOL:)


Gena - June 30

My husband and I are going to a NASCAR race in chicago in two weeks and I never thought of this noise level issue either. I will be 22 weeks. I don't know. I called my doc and he said there is no evidence to support any damage to hearing of the fetus or the opposite. Anyone go to a race or have a baby they took to a loud event? I wonder if they are OK.



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