Lovehearts Or Maybe Refreshers

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Cheryl - March 17

Hi girls, I posted this on the signs of pg page but so far no answers. Hoping you can maybe help me out here. (sorry to be a pain) This'll sound bizarre. I have been getting a few signs, more cm, temp high, dizziness, sleepiness and I'm due AF today but not here yet. HOWEVER, last wkend I had a metallic taste in my mouth constantly it went away about Tuesday. Today I have the strangest taste in my mouth like I've been eating lots of Lovehearts or Refreshers- some kind of Swizzels sweety. I have not eaten any of those in a l-o-n-g time so where is this coming from? I haven't eaten or drunk anything so far today. Just brushed my teeth with minty colgate! Any idea if this is a sign or am I going crazy? Imust say it's a very likeable taste, very pleasant! xxxx


Cheryl - March 17

Okay, I had some lunch there. Just a vanilla muller rice and a small gla__s of diet coke. Now the taste I described is more than twice as strong and I feel kinda like I might throw up. Please, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated right now. Thanks girls x


Emy - March 17

The best idea would be to take a pregnancy test to make sure. The metallic taste that i have at the moment and have had with my 2 other kids was not likeable and made most of the food i was eating taste a bit strange but I guess everyone is different. The pregnancy test that i bought could be used on the day your period is due.


Heidi - March 17

I had that taste too. It was my prenatal pills doing it. I'm 9 wks and my doc said to lay off them a while and only take them every other day. My morning sickness went away immediately and I feel GREAT!!!! No more metallic taste either. Yuck!


Rachel* - March 17

Cheryl, they say that your sense of smell and taste can be intensified as early as the first weeks of pregnancy. I'd suggest that you take a test to be sure. Good luck :)


Cheryl - March 19

Well, I'm 3 days late now. the sweeties taste has been replaced by a weird acid indigestion like taste at the bottom of my throat instead. i'm quite dizzy sometimes now- especially in the afternoon and sometimes i'm sitting/lying down which is strange. b___bs feelnormal though i thought you were meant to notice some change there. hmmm curiouser and curiouser eh?



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