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tiffani - April 12

I've been thinking about you all morning. How did the ultrasound go? **Hugs**


Misty - April 12

Yeah, we are all waitng and hoping along with you. I've been praying for you for days.


Lovely - April 12

Bloody Doctors! HA!!! Get this c___p... my alpha fotoprotein test was done, WITHOUT the results of my first, therfore most accurate u/s. I WAS NOT as far as they thought, by about 10 days, which makes ALL the difference with the testing. The "positive" results have been declared null and void. My baby is as healthy as anyone's. I went in, and they actually told me, (after I sat for almost an hour while the other hospital faxed over my original u/s) that I did not require another u/s after all, since the testing had been done, without all the proper information. I begged (albeit a little snippily) for an u/s anyway. I got one. i hoped to find out the s_x of the baby, only to find.. after ALL THAT....... that the baby had it's own plans, and hid behind it's legs the WHOLE TIME!!!!!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *Sigh* It's been a long week. All is finally well in my world. I'm taking a nap! lol! My baby's fine. Damn those tests, anyway! Thank you for all your support, wishes and prayers. Apparently, they worked!


E - April 12

Congrats Lovely:) I am so happy to hear that your baby is healthy. Take the best nap of your life!! Sneak a snooze in for me, if you will.


tiffani - April 12

That is absoulutely wonderful news! I am so relieved, and I know you must be on top of the world. Don't you just want to b___h slap your doctor now for putting you through this hell?


rose - April 12

oh thank god!!!! ive been thinking about you all day! i knew your baby was fine....congratulations on the news and sorry your baby was "shy"....will you get to have another us in the future?


penny - April 12

it's pretty common for doctors to do that, it happened to me with my last one who is now 10, and at the time I had just kicked my husband out, had a 1 year old, and they really had me freaked out...........needless to day once they did the us they said I wasn't as far as they had thought, so no need to do the amino.....Fewwwwww.....anyway I changed doctors after that, as he had never done an "exam" and I wasn't about to have him do one then after the fact, screw him!!! all was good though, but I have had several friends that have gone through it is fairly common, it just hurts and its frusterating when it's you they have put through this!! I'm glad to here all is good!!!


tara - April 12

So relived to hear that your baby is doing just fine! Congrats! Now it's time to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. :o) (hugs go out to you! xxxxx)


Karen - April 12

Again soo happy to hear you little bundle is just fine. I trust God that all is well with each of us and our darling little ones. Much love everyone


~m~ - April 12

Awesome!!!! I'm so happy for you Lovely!! :o)


D - April 12

I can't believe how happy I am for you! I'm sitting here trying not to cry! I am so thankful your baby is ok.... At least its a normal, healthy baby hiding behind its legs! I hope you are feeling better after that nap..... :-)


Sandra - April 12

Happy happy happy! Like everyone else I'm excited and relieved with you. I checked your first post about this 3 times a day to see if you had any news. I think baby was punishing you for trying to take a sneak peek ;-)


Lovely - April 13

Sandra, I think you are fabulous!!! I have to laugh at the baby hiding itself... everyday, it seems God is showing me I AM NOT IN CHARGE. hee hee. And I still think it's a girl, since she was being so difficult.My DH laughed, too, saying if it's a girl, ad a daddy he's happy she already knows how to keep her legs glued together! HA!


tara - April 13

lol...that's cute about keeping her legs glued. I can't tell you how relived i'm for you and to know how happy you are now is just amazing. Like i said before it's now time to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy! XOX



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