Lovely Brown Line Going Down The Belly When Pg

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SD - November 8

Does anyone know when that brown line begins to form down the belly? Does it start from the top to the bottom or at the bottom and work its way up?


Kerry - November 8

Also, should everyone expect to get one ?


Tina - November 8

Hi Kerry, I think my line "linea negra" came on around the 24th week not sure whether it started at bottom to top or vice versa, it just appeared in full 1 big line and after a bit of research not everybody gets the line.


Jamie - November 8

There's an old wives' tale that if the line stops at your belly b___ton, you're having a boy, if it continues across the top of your belly, it's a girl. I had a girl, and the line went all across my belly.


Tina - November 8

I don't know what I'm having but all along I've had the feeling its gonna be a girl and yes the line runs all the way to the top.


YC - November 8

mine started from the bottom to the belly b___ton and now is all the way to the top. I am also having a girl...hmmm.


?? - November 8

I don't have that line, and I'm having a boy. I never got that line with my two girls either.


Marlene - November 8

I got the line around 12wks,it started from the bottom and so far stopped at my belly b___ton. I'm 21wks now.


Little bit of info..... - November 8

I got this from Pregnancy Weekly- The line has always been there, but you may never notice it until late in pregnancy when your stomach has swollen with your baby. The line is usually the same color as your stomach and called linea alba. Late in your pregnancy, the line may darken and then be called linea negra. This darkening is caused by the same hormones, like estrogen causing the other skin changes you may have noticed. After a few months after your baby's birth it should lighten up and may return to it's original color (the same as the rest of your skin)


Tess - November 8

I think its myth about that line running up across your belly, your goin to have a girl. My best friend had 2 twin boys and her linea negra ran up across her belly and she didnt have a girl. Just a comment. Yeah I was wondering about that too. Im 3 mos pregnant and I haven't seen any line either. Hmmmmm Maybe time will tell. Just curious though. Thanks!


CC - November 8

Will the line still be there from a previous PG, and if Your PG again will it start to show earlier?


Jodie - November 8

Ive had a boy and girl so far and am pregnant with a boy, i have never had the line


HMM? - November 10

I've seen that line on men when their shirts are off. People I've known have always called it a "happy trail". So what would this have anything to do with your baby's gender? We know those men aren't pregnant.


rrr - November 10

im having a boy and my line goes all the way up. and yes you should expect to get it


Leonne - November 18

My line is going all the way up, and I'm having a boy. Just one of those ol' wives' tales I guess..


amy - November 18

this is my 3rd preg and i havent gotten it yet,but i did with my 1st almost 20 wks ,so im sure it will be showing up soon.


veronica - November 23

I just woke up one morning to take a shower and I noticed it, seemed like it appeared over night.



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