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Lovely - June 28

WOO-HOO!!! I am finally back frombeyond cyber-space!!! For some unexplained reason, I was completely unable to post on this forum, even when from another computer. I don't know if I offended someone or not, heaven only knows that there were some rude comments thrown my way, but I was unable to post back. I finally reached a wonderful person at this site's admin, and I guess it was fixed, because here I am!!! I'm sooooo happy to be back!!! Since my last post, I have officially gained 18lbs, and have been scheduled for a C-section on sept 8th, at 7;45 am. (I've never been a morning person!) The DH and I have bought a darling house in the country, which we move into Aug long week-end (a month before the new baby-YIKES!) And sis I mention, I'M SO GLAD TO BE BACK!!!!!!!! =) =) =)


E - June 28

WELCOME LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you. I am not pregnant anymore, but have not lost my addiciton to the site. I was wondering about both you and Heavenly.


Heidi - June 28

Welcome back! Congrats on the new house! Don't do too much moving. Let the DH do most of the lifting. You'll be exhausted your last month and it'll be a hot one! Hopefully you have central air and can just unpack and put stuff away and get that nursery ready. We just moved into our new house a couple weeks ago and I'm only 24 wks and getting exhausted with all the unpacking and rearranging. So take it easy that last month! You'll have plenty of time to work on it after the baby is born, well, when it's napping anyway! They say they sleep all the time. I'm counting on it. Ha ha! Maybe I'll get my house done by the end of October then!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 28

It's so good to have you back! An old familiar friend. So much has changed with you in the 2 months or so that you've been MIA. Atleast you're moving before the baby arrives, i'm thinking that's a lot easier than after, like "E" did. So now that you have the date and time, does this baby have a name????


Rachel* - June 28

Welcome back Lovely!! I'm so glad to hear from you! I know we are due around the same time (my edd is 9/27) and was just wondering why they are scheduling a C-section for you. Congrats on the new house in the country. It must be adorable.


Karen - June 28

Missed you girl !!! I was wondering what happen to you. Glad to have you back. I have gained 17 1/2 pounds so far. Your schedule C-section is one day after my BF birthday. I dont know about you but Sept seems so far away.


Lovely - June 28

Ahh, all my old friends!!! Such a friendly, familiar site!!! Yes, our new home is wonderful, and I can't WAIT to get in and start nesting, good and proper! Hee hee. It's only 20 mins away from the city limits, so we are still close enough to enjoy the city's conveiniences, but far enough out that the air smells fresh (and on windy days like a farm) and to have shared well water services. Kids can play on the street with no worry, and everyone waves when you drive by. I LOVE IT!!!! I am 'due' sept 22, but I had the choice to opt for a C-sec, since my first son was delivered that way after going into fetal distress. I chose to have another c-sec after LOTS of thought. #1- scheduling the DH and mil's holidays around the baby's b-day to help me more. #2- I will opt to have my tubes tied at the same time. #3- sh*%# scared, that I will go into labour forever, only to end up needing a c-sec again anyway. Those are my reasons. I amhaving the HARDEST time with baby names. I was IN LOVE with Avery for a girl, and have since heard it 3 times for other babies during this pregnancy. I REFUSE to have a 'brianna' or 'ashlee' of this year... know what I mean? And I thought I had a boy's name picked... "Bodhi", but that has since worn off. I like Javen, but the DH said a flat NO to that one. Middle names are either William (my grampa) or Wynn (my gramma) so finding names to go with either are important. I like unique names, not trendy or 'cute'. There's nothing worse than a CEO who's name is timmy, or the tortured artist's name is Brock, or the jock who's name is ..... know what I mean? The name has to fit all personality types. That is the hard part. I hate that the DH and I don't agree on any names. Then again, we didn't agree on my son's name either... but I won out! Tee hee!



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