Loving Father Killing Mother

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Shika - September 14

My best friend's girlfriend is expecting his first child next March. He's only 18, but he's never been happier in his life. He loves kids, and I know he's more than ready to be a dad, but there's one big problem. His girlfriend has already had four abortions after sleeping with past boyfriends, and she's even told me she's going to have another one. I tried to tell him, but he's convinced that I'm just overreacting, and I know if she keeps the baby, it'll be at a major risk because of her. I absolutely love him, and I know he won't take it well, because he's gone into depression before when his older sister, and then his mom, had abortions. I know I could be there for him if and after it happens, but the idea of how he'll take his own child being killed is really making me scared for him.


Shika - September 14

I forgot to mention before that I don't want her to abort the pregnancy, and I'm worried that she'll ditch my friend and the baby if she does give birth or that she won't bother to quit smoking or drinking. Sorry if this seems off-topic, but it seemed to be the most comfortable place to go for help about the pregnancy.


Viv - September 14

Your best friend needs your support more than ever, but neither he nor you can control the girl friends actions. Take him to volunteer at a center for needy kids in your neighborhood. He will be needing something else to focus on.


Anon, - September 15

If she does decide that she goes through with the pregnancy, great. However you said she could ditch er partner and the baby. If that was to ditch the parter and leave him with the baby then thats better then him loosing it all together. Ok so he will be a single parent but speaking from exccperience for a child to be loved it doesntneed to parents. Either way your friend is going need someone to support him no matter what happens. I wish all of you the best and i hope it gets resolved, but not forgetting including the life that never asked for any of this and didnt ask to be brought into the world. GooD LucK



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