Low Blood Pressure

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Rachel - March 29

Does anyone know if low blood pressure is normal during pregnancy? The last few times I've had mine taken it's been quite a bit lower than the average. Do you think this explains why I often feel light headed and get hot flushes?


BBK - March 29

Rachel, it is quite normal, to have either low or high blood pressure during pregnancy. I can give you a very detailed explanation as to why but it has to do with blood thickness/amount of plasma present, increase in blood volume by up to 50%. The pressure itself is not as much of an issue as how much it fluctuates over the course of the pregnancy. A pregnant woman may have a normal blood pressure as low as 90/50 or as high as 135/80, with an average of about 110/70.


Rachel - March 29

Thanks BBK that's really helpful. Think I can stop worrying now. I've read some stories about women getting pre-eclampsia during labour. I think that's due to high blood pressure though but even so it sounds pretty frightening!


BBK - March 29

Exactly, you still have to monitor it in your visits to the doc, which is part of the routine anyway. As for your light-headness, one reason is the lowering of the blood pressure - the rising hormones that cause your blood vessels to relax and widen. This helps increase the blood flow to your baby, but it slows the return of the blood in the veins to you. Parents begin to sacrifice before they even know it :-) It's all good though! Now preeclampsia most of the times goes away 12 weeks before delivery, but if it becomes an issue, medication is used to control it. If you feel severe dizzyness and blurred vision you should call your doc though as it could be a sign of anemia or something else.... but "severe" is the key word. Mild symptoms of the above, are normal. Congrats and good luck!


Foxy - March 29

Yep! Totally normal (I read it in a book). Mine was low too and I often felt dizzy.


lupita - August 2

i dont know but i am five months and my B/P is 90/62.


Sonxabobillia - August 3

My wife had dizziness & blackouts in pregnancy #2. She had problems with 'morning sickness' throughout the full term. Iron was somewhat deficient in her system. Her BP was usually high. These factors were interrelated & the family Dr. prescribed Diclectin for the morning sickness. Our baby was born with cleft lip & palet & a heart murmur which very likely is a side effect of the Diclectin. 2 reconstructive & 1 heart surgeries later, she is doing very well at 1 year. More operations will be performed however.


CMJ - August 6

I'm glad you posted here sonx I hope some take your story seriously .Thanks to the med proffesion we never really know what we or our kids are getting . Try suing some time .


Yes but... - August 6

I would think that Rachel has either had or is very close to having her baby by now, since this question was posted in march!



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