Low Carb Dieting While Ttc Is It Ok

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m - January 11

I have been trying to shed a few pounds before getting pregnant again, so maybe I won't get as big as a house. I did the low carb thing for 2 weeks before the holidays started and lost 10 pounds. I have started back (not die hard, but a decreased intake of starchy stuff), but I don't know if it's ok to do that while TTC. Or even if dieting at all is ok during this time. Anyone know?


Jenn - January 11

I am not certain, but when I told my OB that I was interested in conceiving she said the best thing to do is to treat your body as if you are pregnant. Meaning proper diet, no drinking, no smoking, and the right amount of folic acid, ect... You should check with your doctor, even if its just a quick phone call.


m - January 11

BUMP --- And thanks Jenn!


r - January 11

I was on the low carb diet for a while but for the months that we were ttc I was just watching my carb intake. Right now, even with the pregnancy I’m totally fine and the good thing is that I don’t even crave carbs right now – in the past 11 weeks I have had 1 bowl of pasta and I couldn’t even finish it. Just try to stay away from the low carb bars, ice creams or the ready to eat foods that they have because they tend to have quiet a bit of chemicals in them that your body might find it hard to digest because it’s not familiar with it. They also have some diaratic products in them that I was not very fond of. Try to watch your carb intake naturally with out their products so to stay away from the chemicals. I did allow myself brown toast or high protien toast in the morning and ½ cup brown and wild rice with dinner 3 nights a week. Lots of high fiber vegeies and fruits and also edemmame beans which I LOVE!


Jenny L - January 11

No, No Low Carbing!!! I've been doing the low carb diets before finding out I was pregnant, so I know how tempting it is to stay on the diet so that you don't gain too much weight. However, since I am gestational diabetic, I've been told by my endocrinologist, my OB, and my Nutritionist that you should not low carb while you are pregnant because the baby needs the carbs from breads, pastas etc. for energy and development. The other health issue includes brain development, where they can be mentally retarded or very low IQ and it's unreversible if you are releasing ketones. You can read up on it on various websites i.e. WebMD.com or About.com. Periodicals include 1) New England Journal of Medicine, 1991: 325:911-916; 2) American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynocology, 1969; 105:257-268; 3) On the Cutting Edge: Diabetes Care and Education, 1992; 13: 11-12 and 4) Diabetes Review, 1994; 2 (1): 43-52. I know it's probably still tempting, but do you really want to take a chance on having a baby with a possible lifetime of mental illness over a few months of vanity? It's just not worth it for me. I eat small meals every 2-3 hours for a total calorie count of 2200-2500/day and hardly gained anything. You can do it without the lowcarbing lifestyle. Just eat right and exercise.


m - January 12

Jenny L - Thanks for the info! I don't plan on really dieting during pregnancy itself. I just would like to lose a few pounds while TTC. Not really by going hardcore Atkins. But by limiting the pasta, potatoes, and bread. And of course, avoiding simple sugars (cokes, candy, etc). Then as soon as I get a positive preg test, stop the dieting, and just do like you said.... eat right and exercise. ---- Thanks also to you r! ---- I should find out next week if I am pregnant or not. :o)


r - January 13

Hi m - as long as you are ttc and watching your carb intake you are fine. Even in my pregnancy i don't have any white bread or pasta, I try to go whole grain as much as possible. Even if I'm making muffins it's with unbleached or whole wheat flour right now. It's healthier for you and your baby to stay away from white flour products and so on. Now, I hope you have good news next week! ;o)


m - January 14

Thanks again r! Sounds like you are doing kindof what I have in mind. Nothing too strict, just avoiding the bigger no-no's. I hope Monday morning, I get to come on here and say "It was positive!" :o)


r - January 14

I'll be waiting for your news! :O)


Jenn - January 16

I just wanted to add... If you even just watch and limit your intake in carbs, make sure you are taking your prenatals. Breads and pastas are enriched with folic acid, which is very important for baby and baby to be. So make sure you supplement it with some prenatals.


m - January 17

Thanks Jenn! After I had my son (20 months ago), I just went ahead and stayed on the vitamins because I knew there was a good chance I'd want to have another baby. :o) Thanks again!


Carrie - February 7

How could a developing baby need bread, pasta, white flour, or sugar to develop when these items were not even around for our ancestors? I do NOT advocate dieting while pregnant, but I do advocate eating sensibly, which includes vegetables, fruits, protein, fats, and whole grains (in limited quant_ties). I don't see any problem with dieting while TTC. Have you read the Atkin's book? The section on Lifetime Maintenance is a wonderful way of eating for pregnant woman (or at least this pregnant woman). My doctor read the book and couldn't find one thing in the lifetime maintenance plan that I shouldn't eat!



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